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Apex Seeds Auto

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Apex Seeds Auto

Apex Seeds - Fem Autoflowering Seeds

Apex Seeds | Autoflowering US Strains

Apex Seeds is a Californian seed bank that’s been at it since 2000, developing their own strains and bringing us extra special versions of already well-known strains. Their autoflowering range contains some true wonders, and these strains really do have their own style thanks to the fact that Apex’s team of experts used their expertise in botanic science to develop them.

High Yielding Autoflowering Strains

One of the biggest differences between Apex Seeds and other seeds banks is that the educational background of its members, as the main members of Apex’s team all have backgrounds in botanic science, especially epigenetic cytology and phenology. Thanks to this amazing team of professionals, all of their strains are extremely balanced and have marked, specific characteristics – they’re also all quite fast when compared to the yield achieved.

Of course, this professionalism isn’t just obvious in the quality of their strains, it also directly affects the seeds capacity to germinate; this seed bank is known for their extraordinarily high germination rate.

The Best Apex Seeds Autoflowering Strains

High THC Strains

Auto Ossis is their most well-known autoflowering strain thanks to its high yield and strength. This plant is perfect for those that love autoflowering strains; this plant has a productive structure, fast growth, and surprisingly big yield, especially considering that it has such a short life-span.

Auto Kalashnikov is the autoflowering version of one of their most incredible strains; it’s productive, flavorful and extremely powerful in just half the time as the original. The biggest difference is the yield capability, as the original is known for having a wide structure with long buds, and the new version centers most of its yield on the tips of the branches. It also yields quite a lot of resin, making it perfect for all kinds of extracts, whether they’re for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Auto Satelles is the autoflowering strain you’ve been looking for if you want something extremely strong; it’s capable of causing a heavy sensation just a few seconds after consuming it. It has a sweet, intense flavor, similar to old school strains, although it’s a bit stronger.

Apex Seeds' Large Seed Catalogue

These seeds and more are waiting for you in Apex Seed’s autoflowering catalogue; go ahead and take a look at the best Californian seeds for your indoor or outdoor garden.