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Apex Seeds

100% - Feminized Seeds by Apex Seeds

Feminized Apex Cannabis Seeds

Apex Seeds is a North American seed bank, and we present to you their range of 100% feminized seeds; they have a wide range of peculiar and unique strains, as well as their own versions of some of the most popular strains in the history of this strain.

This bank was founded in the year 2000, when a group of specialists in botanic science decided to get together and use their combined knowledge to develop some new cannabis strains. By using known strains and unknown strains, they’ve managed to build up a repertoire of seeds, apt for all kinds of growers.

What Strains does Apex Seeds Stock?

Arafa Cannabis Seeds

If you’re looking for one of their most impressive seeds, then Arafa is the strain for you; it’s a cross between Haze and White Widow that rewards growers with incredible yields, even if you don’t have a lot of experience. It stands out due to how strong it grows, capable of growing in any medium. It has an incensed, wood-like flavor, which is extremely strong; perfect for those that love intense flavors. It has a mental effect and it can be quite long-lasting, so we don’t recommend consuming it before doing anything that requires a lot of effort or responsibility.

Dominus Seeds

One of the most old school strains you can find in Apex’s catalogue is Apex Dominus, a renewed version of a pure Afghan strain that has the exact same characteristics as you’d expect. This plant stands out due to its amazing resin yield, just like its Afghan ancestors, although slightly heavier. In as far as the flavor, it’s easy to distinguish this strain’s citric/earthy flavor, as well as a marked hash-like aftertaste.

Dynamis Cannabis Seeds

A strain that’s quite similar in as far as origin to the previous plant is called Dynamis, an absolute champion that comes from a selection of different Kush crosses. It’s also known for its high resin yield and having a generally heavier yield than its ancestors, as well as having some incredibly dense buds. The flavor is citric, invading your senses with a hint of flowers – cure this strain properly for an intense smell and flavor.

Guaranteed Quality Cannabis Strains

This seed bank has a complete team of qualified professionals that are involved in the entire process, guaranteeing maximum efficiency when germinating seeds. The seeds themselves come protected in an Eppendorf container inside a hard plastic box; this ensures that your seeds arrive in perfect conditions, ready to germinate!