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Super Strains Auto

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Super Strains
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Super Strains Auto

Super Strains - Autoflowering Seeds

Super Strains is a seed bank specialized in feminized strains that now also have an autoflowering range with incredible strains in as far as yield and basic characteristics.

Super Strains is known as one of the most experienced seed banks in Europe, and they’ve created certain seeds that have gone down in history in the world of cannabis such as Amnesia or the lethal Enemy of the State.

Automatic Fini is an autoflowering version of the incredible AK-47, an absolutely legendary strain with an effect and flavor you’ve never experienced. So much work was put into this auto version in order to get it as similar to the original as possible in as far as flavor. This strain offers flavors that those that love strong old school tastes will appreciate. The effect can vary depending on the mental state of the consumer, as it’s both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing, offering a complex but balanced effect.

DFA Autoflowering is a balanced hybrid that is extremely simple to grow, as it takes just 60 days to fully develop regardless of climatic conditions. It combines sweet and earthy flavors, similar to classic Skunk strains, offering an extremely penetrating aroma. It has quite an open structure that favors light absorption on the lower parts of the plants, making sure that it produces as much as possible.

Turing Autoflowering is a strain that will flabbergast you with its extreme potency; it offers a unique effect, beginning with a heightened sense of euphoria and ending with a heavy relaxing sensation. When grown indoors, this plant can surpass your expectancies, growing over 1.5m in some cases.

All autoflowering plants created by Super Strains have been rigorously worked on before being placed on the market. They come from many generations of crossing and stabilizing seeds. These strains are a whole world apart from the autoflowering strains you know and love, as the yield given from these plants is absolutely astonishing, and their THC level is similar to that of seasonal strains.