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Pi Technics is a company that has invented a brand new vertical growing system that allows growers to make the most out of their available space in a completely new and unique way. Thanks to this new grow system you can place plants on top of each other without worrying about light distribution, or having them intertwine.

Pi Technics have developed a revolutionary system against all odds, and they definitely don’t disappoint; every grower to try these systems has come away happy and convinced.

The Pi-Rack is the top vertical growing system out there, allowing you to grow up to 320 plants in a space just over two square meters. This system has revolutionized growing systems in general, as growers no longer need enormous warehouses to get the enormous yields they’re looking for. It’s the best invention for commercial growers or those that grow for cannabis clubs. It has an octagonal shape, and you can place a total of 40 flowerpots in each of its eight sides. The shape and structure of this system has been thoroughly studied and developed to be as efficient as possible, avoiding issues such as pockets of hot air and thus avoiding issues such as fungi. You’ll need to install a complete air filtration system if you want your plants to have the absolute best possible environment.

The Pi-Wall is essentially a lone wall from the Pi-Rack, designed for growers that have even less space or for those that simply have enough with just one wall. You’ll be able to grow just 40 plants, which is definitely more than enough for home-growers. You’ll need just two lights for your Pi-Wall, and you can easily use reflectors to make sure that your plants get as much light as possible.

As well as these growing systems, you’ll need other accessories to successfully grow marijuana, which is why Pi Technics also sells lighting and watering kits.