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Technaflora Plant Products

Fertilizers: Technaflora Plant Products

Technaflora Plant Products is a prestigious fertilizer brand created by Canadian farmers, who were trying to improve and increase their crops’ quality by using their own mixes and formulae. Their fertilizer range is very simple but extremely effective, and with it you’ll be able to feed your plants in hydroponics or just normal substrate. The nutrients and additives provided by this brand have a higher quality than most other world renowned fertilizer brands. Many American growers were surprised when they tried this brand, and stuck with it.

Technaflora has growth products such as BC grow, a fertilizer base with everything needed to supply your plants with nutrients and minerals that they need during their growth period. They also sell growth stimulants and supplements like Root66, a product that was specifically designed for those few days after transplanting or for when your brand new plants are still saplings. By using Root66, your cannabis plants’ root systems will be healthier and bigger, with a larger resistance to pests and fungi thanks to its immunological benefits. There’s also the natural range of base fertilizers, called Pura Vida Grow and Bloom. These products improve NPK levels, leaving you with buds the size of your fist.

For the flowering period we also have base fertilizers called BC Bloom and Boost, making it possible for your plants’ sprouts to start producing resin even at an early age, guaranteeing you a final product that looks and smells absolutely amazing. We also have additives like Sugar Daddy, a sugar-based supplement that improves the size and taste of your buds, raising their commercial worth.

There’s also an organic range of stimulants and additives, like B. Seaweed, a growth stimulant that works well during your plants initial period, creating bigger plants. It’s an extremely concentrated product and should only be used a couple of times because if used too much, your plants could exceed the recommended potassium levels, creating mineral absorption issues.

From cloning gels for cuttings to pH correction liquids, every single Technaflora product has been tested on an infinity of crops, plants and strains to guarantee you the best possible results. Thanks to their high quality, they’ve found their way on to the modern market which is already so full of b-level brands that don’t deliver when it comes to concentration or prices. If you go with Technaflora, you’ll be getting professional fertilizers used around the entire world thanks to the increasing demand by growers all over the globe.