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Female Seeds

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ICE® cannabis plant
Female Seeds
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Female Seeds
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Female Seeds

Female Seeds - Buy Feminized Seeds.

Female Seeds - Feminized Seed Pioneers

Female Seeds is a Dutch seed bank which only deals in top quality seeds, loved by all those who plant them.

Female Seeds History

Female Seeds began around 2003, although those involved have a lot more years of experience in this field. At the start of the 90s, the main grower at this prestigious seed bank, Ferry, decided to start selling seeds as a means of paying for his studies. After receiving astonishing, non-stop orders from Dutch seed banks, Ferry decided to become a professional. By the end of the 90s, the first feminized seeds started popping up, although a lot of them turned out to be hermaphrodites. Ferry created his very own feminization technique, completely revolutionizing the seed market.

In 2003 he got tired of selling his seeds to other banks, so he decided to make his own; Serious Seeds is now one of the most important seed banks in Europe.

Important Female Seeds Strains

Feminized Bubblegummer Strain

Bubblegummer is a strain that has its origins in the original BubbleGum by Serious Seeds, giving it an amazing strawberry bubblegum flavor. The effect that it gives is mood-boosting and energetic, which slowly turns into bodily relaxation, giving you the perfect balance between mind and body. It generally produces decent yields in any type of environment, with most of the flowers centered on the main stem and a few branches. It also has a high level of resin yield, giving you the possibility to make extracts which offer unique tastes and effects.

Feminized Blueberry Cheesecake Strain

Blueberry Cheesecake is another unique strain that this bank has on offer, combining two strong-tasting strains to get one strain with an amazing flavor and dense, unique smoke. This strain offers up a unique taste, full of berries and a cheesy aftertaste that absolutely invades wherever you’re smoking. If you combine all of this with an amazingly intense effect, a rapid flowering period and a good production rate, you get the perfect strain for both personal grows and commercial ones.

Feminized C99 Strain

C99, also known as Cinderella 99, is a world-renowned Canadian strain which has been used by many seed banks to cross with other strains, but none of them are as close to the original as this one. This masterpiece has hardly been modified, showing all of the characteristic traits of the original strain. The effect is a mentally impacting one, stimulating creativity. The first few drags will entice some amazing visual effects, intensifying the colors around you and giving you a million reasons to laugh at everything.

Quality Guarantee

All of Female Seeds’ products offer a guarantee that not every seed bank can give; when using Female Seeds you’re guaranteed feminized, easy to germinate seeds.