Kannabia Regular Seeds

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Neil Haze Cannabis Plant

Neil Haze

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McEarly Regular Cannabis Plant

McEarly Regular

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Kannabia Regular Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds Made in Spain

Kannabia Seed Company is a Spanish seed bank that is innovating and creating new regular cannabis seeds. Regular seeds have all the original genes in them and haven’t been put through any sort of chemical process to feminize them. You’ll get some pretty powerful strains, although if you don’t want any males you’ll need to be on top of your plants constantly to make sure no males pop up to polinize your females. For authentic cannabis lovers and growers, regular seeds offer much better results when you know what you’re doing, and you can even make your own mother plants out of your favorite genotype and have the same quality weed for years. The process used in feminizing seeds tends to slightly decrease the main qualities of the strain, so when you grow using regular seeds and select your strains and phenotypes carefully, you can get much stronger and resistant plants, capable of producing incredible buds.

Regular Kannabia Seeds

Kannabia’s first regular strain is called MC Early, a strain that gives amazing results in almost any environment, and their packets tend to have mainly female seeds in them, making for an easy grow. You’ll be able to detect any runaway male plants from an early age, as this plant can be ready in just 45 flowering days. Outdoors, this plant should be ready around the beginning of September, giving up to 800gr per strain. This strain is potent, offering growers a pleasing and simple experience when grown. The buds are full of the best aromas and flavors, similar to Skunk with an intense earthy flavor.

This strain, among many others, is part of Kannabia’s special and essential selection of magazine-worthy plants. If you’re an experienced grower or a breeder then you should be able to get your best results from Kannabia’s seed selection.