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Exotic Seed Auto

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Exotic Seed Auto

Exotic Seed - Quality autoflowering seeds

Exotic Seeds Autoflowering Strains

Large, THC-Potent Plants

Exotic Seeds has been creating and selling autoflowering seeds for a while now, creating strong plants capable of flowering regardless of the season or sunlight – this was done using ruderalis genes. This bank made their own specific gene and strain selection in order to give their customers a varied selection of effects and flavors in high yielding plants. People tend to believe that autoflowering plants can’t grow proper buds, but thanks to genetic advancements in the last year, this seed bank has been able to create giant autoflowering plants with plenty of resin and high THC levels.

Exotic Seed's Best Autoflowering Strains

Black Haze, for example, is an excellent strain created for those that love purple weed, keeping its green leaves nice and dark. This strain is 100% indica, an obvious characteristic that affects its structure and its dense, balanced buds. After just 9-10 total growing weeks, this beautiful plant should be ready to harvest, producing up to 450g per square meter. Outdoors these plants grow to an average size, making them easy to hide.

Monster Mash Auto gives an intense indica relaxation and yields quite a lot, making it perfect for massive medicinal grows. It takes just 8 weeks to grow in total, and it comes from a Kush (F1) x (Black Domina x Skunk Auto – F4), so you can expect this plant to be bursting with resin. It does extremely well indoors, growing out short with plenty of branches, as well as a spectacularly large calyx that can grow extremely thick.

Russian Automatic is the last plant we’re going to talk about; this beauty grows nice and balanced right until the end. It doesn’t grow too tall indoors, so it’ll need an airy substrate and scarce waterings at the start of the grow. This plant comes from a combination between an AK47 and a Skunk Auto. It has an intensely narcotic AK effect, combined with a strong Skunk effect. It’s extremely easy to grow in pretty much any setting, growing super strong and stress-resistant. It gives average yields, as its colas aren’t that long but they are thick and dense. You can get around 500g per square meter with 9 plants, ready after just 11 growing weeks.

Autoflowering Sativa Strains - Exotic Seeds

Exotic Seeds offers quite a lot of strains, making for intensely narcotic indicas, energetic sativas and high yielding hybrid strains. You’ll find the one for you in our Exotic Seeds catalogue!