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Custom X auto

Custom X auto

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THC autoflowering

THC autoflowering

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Pure Seeds

Pure Seeds Autoflowering Strains

Pure Seeds is a seed bank founded in 2008, after a years of work and stabilization that took many years. In the end, all that hard work led to amazing results which can be now seen in their strains. Throughout the years, they've been able to collect quite a few incredible strains with outstanding value in terms of quality, indoor and outdoor yields, effects and marked flavors.

Easy to grow, stable autoflowering seeds

The autoflowering strains in the catalog are stable and easy to grow. Those who have just got started in the growing world will have the opportunity of experiencing with resistant genetics that adapt easily to their environment and tolerate quite well eventual failures or mistakes in the growing process. All this guarantees very decent crops in terms of quantity and quality. Most experienced growers will be able to enjoy the sight of plants that can yield up to 100g of dried weight if grown in hydroponics. No matter the substrate, we'll have to keep a constant photoperiod of 18-20h indoors and plant these genetics in 10-11l pots, feeding them with the best fertilizers in order to face the nutritional needs of our beloved plants.

Fast to flower

Outdoors, we can also check the speed and productivity of these varieties. We can do several crops from the month of April and plant the last seeds in August in areas with longer summers. If we plant every month, we'll be able to get 4-5 fast crops in our balcony in the city or garden in the countryside. Pure Seeds genetics complete their cycle before pests of insects and fungi can affect their buds. Strains with different effects compose the catalogue of this bank and reflect the hard work done by the team. You'll be able to find medicinal, relaxing and awakening strains. Among them all, we recommend Custom X, Speed Haze and autoflowering THC.

Pure Seeds: THC-Rich Autoflowering Strains

Custom X is an automatic strain obtained from a stable, fast, compact and super tasty cross: Rudelaris x Critical. It completes its cycle in 60-70 days from sprouting, it grows up to 1m high and its central cola concentrates almost all the production.

Speed Haze is plant lovers of sativa effects will love. It's a feminized autoflowering cross of Rudelaris x Haze. Its powerful and clear effect awakens the mind, making you float for hours. Intense citrus and incensed taste both in terms of smoke and in the palate.

THC autoflowering is a true champion with regard to resin production, thanks to the cross of a special Afghan x Rudelaris. Compact size and internodes close to each other. With just 40 to 80cm in height this plant produces 50-100g of dried product per plant.

Total cultivation time is 75 days from germination.