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Fast Buds American Autoflowers

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C4 Auto cannabis plant
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C4 Auto

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Fast Buds American Autoflowers

 Fast Buds American Autoflowers Seeds

Fast Buds American Autoflowers Cannabis Seeds

Fast Buds American Autoflowers is a seed bank consisting of a team of professional breeders from Los Angeles, California. After many years working together with the best breeders in the US, they decided to found their seed bank in Spain, in 2010.

The reasons that made them move to a different country were varied. However, the main reason was a set of more permissive laws with regards to production of seeds and growing. Once they could relax about legal matters they started focusing on production, and stabilizing autoflowering feminized seeds of the best and most sought-after strains in the USA. These strains can easily compete with feminized seasonal plants in terms of appearance, flavor, aroma and effect.

The best American high THC strains

The most remarkable feature of this seed bank is the fact that they offer strains with a very high levels of THC. Almost all of their hybrids contain about 20% or more of THC. In order to achieve this result, they started working with Canadian Rudelaris strains, selecting phenotypes in shiny and lively colors and sturdy appearances. Then, they stabilized them with the best seasonal strains to finally obtain these fantastic hybrids.

Research concerning these hybrids was done outdoors in Canada, where temperatures are low. Therefore, all of these strains acquired resistance and tolerance to cold-induced stress. They produce more resin and take on purple tones which can become almost red. Among their numerous available strains, the most remarkable ones are West Coast OG Auto, Girl Scout Cookies Auto and Six Shooter Auto.

Fast Buds American Autoflowers Best Seeds

West Coast OG Auto is a delicious selection of the feminized seed line called West Coast. It's ready in 8-9 weeks, growing to a good size, somewhere between 70-100cm. Its THC content is high while its CBD content is about 1%. Mainly indica, this plant is very narcotic and powerful and will leave you lying down with a smile on your face for a good while.

Resinous autoflowering strains for BHO extracts

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is a plant that won't go unnoticed among your mates who try it. It has a fantastic sweet flavor which is similar to freshly baked cookies. They have a very high THC content and should be ready after 9 weeks after germination, yielding between 70 to 200g per plant if we grow it in hydroponics. Optimal and highly recommended for drawing BHO extractions.

Six Shooter Auto is a powerful cross between Crystal Meth x Mexican Airlaines. It's ideal to draw essential oils extractions. It grows to a decent size and also grows numerous branches. It can become 100-140cm tall. Indoors, its average yield is 500-600g per 600W lamps. A true champion and big producer of compact and resinous buds.