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Resin Seeds

Resin seeds - feminized cannabis seeds

Resin Seeds | One of the Best Spanish Seed Banks

Resin Seeds is a seed bank founded by two friends, Jaime and Juanma, in 2008. These guys were a few of the first to ever open a headshop in Barcelona – and since then they haven’t stopped, expanding their shop and turning it into a seed bank in order to promote the therapeutic use of this wonderful, forbidden plant.

Innovative hybrid strains

They began making contacts in the cannabis sector, meeting with people from all over the world and discovering rare and unique strains that they used to cross with others and make their very own new, potent cannabis hybrids.

Some of their strains are the result of a meticulous selection process of seeds from other seed banks such as Soma Seeds, T.H. Seeds and Shantibaba by Mr. Nice – thanks to the breeders at these banks, Resin Seeds was able to create brand new potent, delicious hybrids that have high therapeutic and medicinal properties.

Resin Seeds | Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Winner

Resin Seeds has won plenty of prizes over the years in various events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and Seattle, as well as the Michigan Medical Cup and in the extract category in Valencia’s THC cup – their long history of competitions started back in 2008 and they’re still winning competitions. We recommend, out of all of their strains, Bubbilicious, Critical Haze and L.A Ultra.

Bubbilicious is a modern version of the legendary Bubblegum; it has a strong, marked fruity flavor that’s similar to sweet chewing gum. This plant gives impressive yields both indoors and outdoors.

Resin Seeds Strains in

Critical Haze is a bit more sativa and it gives an energetic, uplifting high that might even surprise you thanks to its clear, smooth high. It’s a delicate combination between a sweet, fruity Critical/Skunk flavor and an intense incensed, spicy Haze flavor which is the perfect combination of flavors.