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Seeds of Life Auto

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Seeds of Life Auto

Seeds of Life Auto - Automatic Cannabis Seeds

Seeds of Life - Seed Bank Specialized in Autoflowering Strains

Seeds of Life is an innovative seed bank specialized in large autoflowering plants which will take a bit longer than usual to develop, but will produce double the amount. Here, you'll find stable and balanced strains. Their breeders and genetic specialists are always working to keep their work up to date with the latest innovations regarding autoflowering plants.

The Best Autoflowering Strains

Auto plants ready in 60 days

Kabala is a version of the classic Ak-47 to which a Rudelaris gene was added so that it could finish flowering in record times. It's a very resistant plant and it's also super easy to grow. It was created in 2010 and has been one of the most powerful strains in their catalog for more than 6 years. It's incredibly fast and will be ready in just 60 total days, allowing you to harvest up to 90g per plant outdoors. This plant is not recommended for indoor growing since it grows wide but also quite tall, so they can end up intertwining.

Sol Haze is a new strain bred by this fantastic Spanish bank. A Haze strain in autoflowering format so that you can enjoy its clear and recreational effects much sooner. Thanks to this version, you can enjoy classic incensed flavors in just 60 days indoors, and about 10 days more outdoors. Sol Haze comes from a cross between a Kabala and a wondrous Haze from Cordoba. It grows long and with large branches which support the weight of flowers, brimming with resin, effortlessly. Its 70% sativa genes make for an energetic effect and airy, spongy, yet dense buds.

Hindiana is a Hindu Kush plant which has been converted into an autoflowering one while respecting all the properties of the original plant such as its tight buds and an indescribable sweet and muddy aroma. When you smoke this strain you'll feel an intense sedative effect, sometimes used to treat insomnia and lack of appetite. It'll be ready just 55 days after germination. A very stable plant with the hardest buds you've ever seen. The resin layer of this plant reveals its indica origins and you'll be able to feel them when you try it since it's similar to Moroccan hashish, somehow similar to charas o hardala, with a bittersweet aftertaste.

Quality, XL Auto Strains

There are more and more banks offering quality seeds such as Seeds of Life but not all of them can offer XL strains. This is exactly what makes this bank special and different, with seeds capable of yielding large crops whenever you plant them. If you're looking for good results, both indoors and outdoors, don't hesitate; purchase some of these wonderful seeds at a great price.