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Green Hope

Green Hope - Nutrients and boosters

Green Hope is a Dutch firm exclusively focused on the production of organic growth and flowering stimulants. Bio-stimulators foster microbial life in the substrate, which metabolizes fertilizers in an entirely natural way which causes the plant to feed better. Microbial life can increase up to 25% when you use Green Hope products; highly recommend for growers looking for better results.

Besides increasing final yield, they also improve quality considerably since they reduce dramatically the amount of fertilizer contained inside the plant (and ingesting high contents of nitrates is very harmful for your health). These stimulators are produced from natural extracts of plants in a 100% organic manner. They are widely used in commercial settings of all kind to boost both the growth and the bloom, and to foster aroma and taste.

Green Hope is carving out its way among larger companies since they offer quality products all growers should try, regardless of their growing experience level. Its range of products consists of 4 items specifically designed for each stage of your plants life cycle.

ROOT MAX is one of their star products, designed so that your plants' root system has everything it needs to grow healthy and strong. Its balanced NPK levels gives it magical powers and will get you lush green and healthy plants in a matter of days, making them ready for a copious and dense harvest. It stimulates the substrate so that the plant can absorb the mineral salts in the growing medium better.

BIO PROTECT will also give a lot to talk about. This supplement brings plants back their green color just after the first application. Plants defenses will increase notably, allowing for a more abundant bloom and for healthy-looking buds. The level of natural alkaloids will increase considerably. It's applied by simply spraying it at a controlled temperature and with high humidity.

Finally, we have FLORAMAX, a stimulant for foliar development, capable of doubling the number of buds at the end of the cycle. Plants will accumulate half of the salts so that they absorb what they need, leaving all undesired traces in the substrate. It improves the taste notably as well as the aroma of colas. Used along with Delta 9, we'll see how it accelerates nutrient intake. It's widely used in hydroponic settings since, being 100% organic, it can wash away the salts in our plants and leave a pure flavor of marijuana.

In short, Green Hope has the specific product for your plants. All their products are of a very good quality and manufactured by professionals so that you don't have to worry about anything. All you have to do is follow the growing chart and you'll see by yourself why increasingly more users are choosing this brand.