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60 Day Wonder-Autoflower solder

60 Day Wonder-Autoflower

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60 Day Lemon Auto solder

60 Day Lemon Auto

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DNA Genetics Auto

DNA Genetcs | Experienced Dutch Autoflowering Seeds

DNA Genetics is a renowned Dutch seed bank, which has always taken part in the best cannabis competitions with their seasonal varieties. After many years of research of the best strains, DNA launched their catalogue of selected and professional strains. It acquired a good reputation among growers very quickly since their strains were very stable and balanced: from the best commercial indicas to the weirdest and oldest sativas. After winning many prizes and renewing their catalogue of former strains, DNA started to research autoflowering varieties.

The best autoflowering breeders

Some years ago, the autoflowering wave started to spread around the world, due to its easiness of cultivation and excellent results in a record time along with a non-dependence on photoperiod. The genetic makeup of these strains contains the Rudelaris, a strain of cannabis with little resin that doesn't depend on light exposure to bloom, but just on its own growth. Therefore, breeders of all over the world started to use this variety, crossbreeding it with feminized strains in order to increase the amount of resin in the Rudelaris and to get buds similar to the ones of other types of marijuana.

DNA Genetics has currently 3 strains of autoflowering plants. We will describe them here below so that you know more about them since all cannabis lovers should try them.

Autoflowering Strains Ready to Harvest in 60 Days

60 Day Lemon of DNA Genetics is a very stable autoflowering strain. It produces medium sized buds that are very heavy and have almost no leaves. It is very easy to grow and will give very good results with a minimum effort. Indoors it is quite a gratifying variety, since it can give us up to 400 g with  9 plants per m2. Its buds release a very citric lemon-like smell, a feature inherited from its "father", the Lemon Skunk. It will be ready in 60 days after sprouting which makes it one of the quickest varieties with the highest production.

The Fuego Auto (Auto Fire) of DNA Genetics is very easy to grow, even easier than the 60 Day Lemon, while offering us almost the opposite in terms of flavours and effect. It is an electrifying plant which give you no high, it is very pleasing and easy to smoke on a daily basis. When exposed to the right levels of light and humidity the leaves and flowers will adopt a very attractive purple color and when the plant is dry they will become black. Fuego can yield up to 120 g pero plant outdoors.

DNA Genetics' Best Autoflowering Strains

60 Day Wonder was the first autoflowering strain launched by DNA Genetics. It is a low and robust plant able to bear anything and will give us a lot back, even if we neglect its care. Some 500 g per m2 in indoors growing is what we can expect from this plant that will surely satiate us with regard to effect and taste. With a nice branching, the plants of this variety have strong branches that will endure wind, rain, hail and anything you can think of. It is excellent to be grown in any type of media and it will always be stable and homogeneous. 60 Day Wonder is the  gemstone of the Autoflowering and one of our favorite s so far.

These are the strains offered by this famous seeds bank. Some unique strains now at very affordable and competitive prices when we look at the quality they give. We could keep on talking for ages but there is nothing like trying things by yourself. Take advantage of our permanent offers and try now these wonderful autoflowering strains and see the difference.