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Tropical Seeds Co.

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Tropical Seeds Co.

Tropical Seeds Co. - Feminized Seeds

Tropical Seeds Co is one of the best current banks for landrace hybrids -i.e. native cannabis strains-. This seed bank was founded back in 2000 when the breeder known as "The mud man" (BdB) in growing circles, decided to move to the Canary Islands to start growing and develop a project of selection and breeding of mainly pure sativa strains from all corners of the world. This decision was motivated by the fact the islands are located at a 28°N latitude and thus enjoy a sub-tropical climate ideal for breeding these incredible strains.

Their crops, selections and breeding of seeds are done exclusively outdoors and with organic methods, with crosses done from just regular mothers and fathers, in order to guarantee extreme quality and without altering the genes of future generations. During the first years the team managed to create amazing hybrids in terms of stability, high strength and bizarre flavors. They avoided banal mixes, and didn't employ Skunk, Northern Lights, Widows or Dominas in order to bring something really original to the palate.

After some years selecting and improving their strains, Tropical Seeds' decided to launch feminized versions of some of their best strains, so that the majority of growers could also enjoy their genetics. Their feminized collection ensures females of the utmost quality and highly resistant to pests and fungus. Among their creations, the following varieties really stand out: Bisho Purple, Durbakistan and Smooth Smoke.

Bisho Purple is a variety with a indica-sativa relation of 1:1, with 3 purple genotypes and a green one. They all deserve the attention of experienced growers due to their different characteristics. They can yield up to 450g indoors in 8-9 weeks in indoor grows, providing buds in different mauve shades and a flavor that's similar to berries.

Durbakistan is a strain that comes from some of the most African sativas, Durban, with the Pakistan Chitral Kush that brings fruity tastes with muddy touches and a purple color to the flowers and the leaves. Its indica-sativa balance is stable and is noticeable. The effort put on this strain by the breeders is very visible in the ease to grow and uniformity of these plants, both indoors and outdoors. It takes a bit longer to bloom -between 10 to 11 weeks of bloom until being totally ready. The flavor and aroma it releases when smoked are very remarkable and their sweetness will leave even the most experienced smoker satisfied.

Smooth Smoke is the favorite strain of the Tropical Seeds Co. team and they have many reasons for considering it their best creation. It is highly productive, adapts easily to different climates and latitudes, it has a devastating effect with regards to strength and duration and both the smell and taste are difficult to forget, once their terpenes have seduced you with a mix of caramel and vanilla. Its high content of both THC and CBD are a good option for those patients seeking for relief to the secondary effects of chemotherapy treatments.

If you haven't tried any of the strains of Tropical Seeds Co., we remind you it is possible to do it and at the best prices since we enjoy permanent offers all year round on their amazing strains.