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The Kush Brothers Seeds

The Kush Brothers Seeds - Feminized seeds

The Kush Brothers is a seed bank specialized in feminized seeds and based in Barcelona, one of the major Spanish cities for the cannabis industry. Their strains offer a wide scope of effects: from the most invigorating and energizing of sativas, to the most relaxing of pure indicas.
They elaborate highly commercial strains with large yields and high quantities of resin. It is an excellent choice for any person who wants to get started in the growing world. They guarantee you will get plenty of buds easily both indoors and outdoors.

The Dark Side is a hybrid that has had a lot of work put into it, making it one of this seed bank's best-sellers. With its massive resin yield and enormous amount of buds, these plants can make any growers' dreams come true. At the end of the process their leaves can become purple in some cases, making your garden a more beautiful place. They yield up to 350g/m2 indoors. Growing outdoors they can become 2m tall, producing up to 800g per plant in the right conditions.

Confidential OG is a 100% indica strain that can provide deeply narcotic effects. It can be used with medicinal purposes to palliate pain and calm down stress symptoms. It has a very characteristic muddy flavor, intense and long-lasting. It grows very well indoors and can produce up to 350g/m2 with the right cares. Outdoors, plants can reach 2m and yield up to 600g per plant.

Malibu is a predominantly Sativa strain with a slightly longer flowering time, but with very smooth and energetic effects, perfect for any time of day. You can get up to 400g indoors. Their plants truly thrive outdoors, capable of growing up to 3.5m tall and giving excellent yields of up to 1000g per plant in appropriate climates or in a greenhouse.

The Kush Brothers bring us a select range of strains with feminized seeds of top quality to ensure we will harvest a top-notch quality marijuana. All their strains are very productive and result in buds of a very high commercial value. With these remarkable genetics you are sure of obtaining the best buds in your city. Growing them with love is getting types of marijuana that will make everybody fall for them thanks to their fantastic flavor and different effects.