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T.H. Seeds

T.H. Seeds - Feminized Seeds Collection

T.H. Seeds Dutch Seed Bank

T.H. Seeds is a seed bank of Dutch origins which began working with the world of cannabis in 1993 through the C.I.A. (Cannabis in Amsterdam) organisation. Located in Amsterdam, it was the first shop devoted to the research and sale of hemp seeds in Europe. From the very start they have been bringing to Europe the most renowned American strains, contributing with new genetics to the European cannabis panorama.

Award-winning strains

One of the first strains in their catalogue was Bubblegum, winner of the HTCC in 1996. It was followed by S.A.G.E. which got a 3rd and 2nd prize in the HTCC, in the category of THC content, with a THC content higher than 20%. They kept on incorporating high level strains such as Sage'n'Sour, Mk-Ultra, Darkstar, The Hog, Wreckage, Da Purs, Skunk XXX, Chocolate Chunk, Electric Lemon G and many others both in regular and feminized formats. In short, T.H. Seeds is a bank with guaranteed professional results, since all the users that try their seeds come back for more, convinced by the genetic stability and quality of the final product.

T.H. Seeds Best Strains

S.A.G.E. by T.H. Seeds is unique. Its several cannabis contest prizes demonstrate that this strain was born to astonish growers. It has evident sativa characteristics, clear in its intense Haze aroma. It grows tall and will yield plenty of flowers since. You can get up to 700g per specimen, ready to harvest towards the end of November. This strain is incredibly potent, and its aroma and taste of incense dominates over the rest of flavors.

Relaxing indica strains

Bubblegum by T.H. Seeds is an indica-dominant strain, well known all over the world thanks to its pronounced flavor of strawberry chewing gum. This version by the Dutch bank brings back the true "bubble" experience, keeping the taste and productivity of the wonderful original. It arrived in Holland more than a decade ago, and since then it has been a hit among all users who come to try this strain with huge and fragrant buds. The version by T.H. Seeds has improved stability and has been given extra density and hardness in the buds, a quality very appreciated by consumers from all over the world.

Darkstar by T.H. Seeds is an indica-dominant strain, very stable and with very appealing colors, besides producing super high levels of THC and CBD. It is a robust plant that will grow effortlessly, forming a good structure, capable of supporting the heavy weight of the future flowers. It is Skunk-like but with fruity and licorice hints. It behaves very well under artificial lighting, yielding abundant quality flowers.

Discovet the best T.H. Seeds Strains

Within T.H. Seeds' enormous catalogue you'll be able to choose from different and fantastic high quality strains, increasing the spectrum of cannabis strains offered to the world. Purchase your T.H. Seeds at the best price in our online shop and benefit from our permanent offers all year round.