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T.H.Seeds Auto

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T.H.Seeds Auto

T.H. Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Dutch Seeds by T.H. Seeds

T.H. Seeds is a Dutch seeds bank with their HQ in Amsterdam. This bank has been in the seeds market for many years and they know perfectly what they are doing when it comes to obtain stable genetics, as the numerous awards they've gotten over the years confirm. Founded in 1993, T.H. Seeds have been responsible for some of the greatest and most famous strains in the cannabis world (though you might ignore they came from this bank).

Presenting you with a piece of Amsterdam's History

Since the arrival of autoflowering genetics, T.H. Seeds also started to develop and create their own photoperiod independent strains, given the demand for them is growing by the day. Their catalogue of automatic strains is quite small but they are all of the highest quality, and it is actually quite superior to the quality of many prestigious banks. A good reception by the public has lead T.H. Seeds team to keep on researching these strains and they have stated they will keep on launching new varieties to the market.

Important T.H. Seeds Autoflowering Strains

You'll find genetics such as the MK-Ultra Kush Auto, which has carved out a place for itself among the most powerful strains in the market. A unique variety in terms of aroma and resin production, it is a precious plant. Easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, its main strength is not a great productivity but the amazing and aromatic resin it yields. Thus, it is perfect for BHO and hash extractions and will let you try a unique taste. A crossbred of a very powerful OG Kush with a superb G13, this strain has given rise to much debate since its first appearance, at the end of the 90's.

We love Bubblegum Auto's deliciously sweet flavor

The maximum success of the bank in terms of taste is Bubblegum Auto, and its name itself makes you feel like trying it! This strain really smells and tastes like chewing gum, which is something very attractive for those seeking a commercial strain. It is very easy to grow and we recommend it to any user who loves sweet varieties with an important indica component. It requires quite a lot of nutrients so we have to be ready to cover these demands so that its buds develop as sweet and aromatic as they should. Bubblegum Auto is very quick and will give you amazing results in 65 days after sprouting. 

The last strain we describe in this section is the Critical HOG Auto, a strain that has acquired a lot of fame in the West Coast. It keeps the body of an HOG while its tails reveal a very appealing after taste, both sweet and citric. It is also the easiest to grow strain of the T.H. Seeds Catalogue. Critical HOG contains a main part of Indica, with thin branches and tight internode spacing, the whole resulting in quite short and discreet plants. With regard to aroma and flavour, it is sweet as candy, with an aftertaste of ripe fruits and mango. Its very powerful and sedative effect, very Indica, will leave your mind out of service for several hours.

T.H. Seeds Catalogue

These and other strains can be found in the catalogue of this wonderful Dutch Bank which guarantees excellent results with any of their genetic makeups. Their breeder have been doing research for many years and offer undeniable quality seeds with extremely competitive prices. Try them and check by yourself their autoflowering strains haven't lost an ounce of their unique personality.