Thanks to these professional generators you can generate all the light you need with rigorous control and a steady signal. These motors are particularly good for lighting kits. Given that they are soundproof, you can grow your plants with minimum noise and they also produce less harmful emissions. The three models we have are from the brand Himoinsa, which is famous for their high quality and very resistant generators.

From now on, you won't have to worry about having your growing space far from home: you'll have power at all times, with no ups and downs or other impractical fluctuations. Marijuana needs very steady light parameters. If this is not the case, you risk encountering problems related to stress or hermaphroditism. Making your investment profitable will be relatively quick with this type of engines that area guarantee of a long lifespan of proper functioning.

The most powerful generator in our catalogue is the model HFW 180T5. It offers all the power with negligible noise thanks to a soundproof box (optional) and therefore, it can be set closer to the working areas without bothering anyone. Their antivibratory dampers prolong the engine's lifespan thanks to a reduction of up to 60% the vibrations. With time, vibrations tend to damage screws and gears. The soundproof of the HFW 180T5 is made of volcanic wool rock of high density, which makes it more quieter. Its emergency switch will let you stop the engine in case of an unexpected event.

The second model we recommend is the HHW 65T5 which, besides being resistant and powerful, is the cheapest of its kind. The integrated diesel tank comes attached to the chassis and the bodywork is made of high quality metal plate. It is totally accessible for maintenance purposes (water, oil, filters...without having to dismantle the hood) and it also has a reinforced hook so it can be hoisted up.

Finally, we have the HHW 85T5 by Himoinsa, which is more powerful than its brother 65T5, besides being slightly smaller(which facilitates its transportation). It's very stable and efficient. Its protection index is IP23 so it is very safe and its isolation class (H) makes it perfect for any location.

In short, Himoinsa is a synonymous with quality and reliability when it comes to generators. Their almost 20 years in the field of generators and heavy machines provides them with the experience and professionalism required not to disappoint any customer with their innovative and flawless construction products.