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Humboldt Seeds Organization Auto

Humboldt Seeds Organization Auto - NorCal

Humboldt Seed Organization was born in a society with a less prohibitive vision with regard to the recreational use of cannabis. We are talking about California, where the normalization of the "drug" has already happened, and has been accepted even by the higher classes of society.

Research about cannabis started in the 60's. At that time, the use of cannabis spread quickly among the emerging hippie community. The persecution and police pressure exerted on them, forced these communities to run away from the big cities and find less populated areas where they could smoke discreetly. The mountains became perfect for them since there wasn't as much control and the community was less oppressive than L.A. As a result, Humboldt became a Mecca of cannabis culture in the USA.

UK Cheese Auto is their star strain; it is very different from the Cheese strains we are used to in Europe. This strain smells stronger than its younger sister, and this version has improved in terms of rot and mildew resistance. Its high yield, both in terms of resin and weight, makes it our first choice when it comes to autoflowering indica strains.

When it comes to sativas, we choose, without hesitation, the impressive Dr. Greenthumb Haze Auto. This automatic strain is sativa-dominant and has a quick and impressive growth, providing a delicious spicy flavor with fruity nuances. After 80 days, the plant will be covered with dense and incredibly resinous buds. It can produce up to 500g per plant outdoors and 400g/m2 with properly grown indoors plants.

Blue Dream Auto is a safe bet for those who are looking for a stable hybrid, combining colossal yields and the sweet and muddy tasty of the best Afghan strains. It is an original crossbreed between a Blueberry and a Haze, specifically selected for its vigorous appearance and amazingly quick blooming. Abundant crops both indoors and outdoors for those after a productive and stable hybrid.

HSO offers some strains new to the European market along with classic ones created from genotypes that are different from what we're used to. These strains have been perfectly selected by their breeders in their awesome and professional installations. Thanks to their numerous awards, this bank has made its way to Europe and now we have the opportunity to try and verify by ourselves the quality and reliability of their strains. Humboldt Seeds Organization brings us Autoflowering and Regular strains, from sativa to poly hybrids and an infinity of growing possibilities. This American bank never ceases to amaze us and all their genetics are safe bets for both indoor and outdoor crops.