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Reggae Seeds Regular

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Reggae Seeds Regular

Reggae Seeds -  Regular Collection

Reggae Seeds Regular CBD Strains

Reggae Seeds started as a group of cannabis enthusiasts with a lot of experience growing and breeding. Created in 2006, this seed bank seeks to honour Jah with their wonderful collection of strains, as diverse as they are powerful. They have devoted themselves to the search and creation of great strains. They have achieved great strains through a careful selection process. The core characteristics of their seeds is that they all have a high content of CBD with an infinity of medicinal and recreational uses. Their work with regular genotypes has granted them a certain amount of prestige. As a matter of fact, their results denote rigorous work with fantastic test hybrids and the most exclusive genetic selections. We believe male plants are really important since it is thanks to them that we can create new cannabis strains. All seeds by Reggae Seeds have something in common: they all lead to plants with a very good structure, apt for indoor settings, small and with few branches, which can also be planted outdoors.

How does Reggae Seeds make Regular Seeds?

Kalijah is our favorite strain by this bank, since it gives great results in any growing medium. This strain has been used to create many of the other strains offered by the bank. Thanks to its fast flowering period and incredible productivity, Kalijah has become one of the most demanded strains by the bank. It has a light color that might change to blue, adopting an attractive shade if the temperature is right. It yields plenty of flowers indoors (400g per 10 plants in 1m2) since plants grow robust and with few branches; production is concentrated along the central cola, which oozes with resin.

CBD-rich Regular Seeds

The second strain worth mentioning is Roots, a sativa-dominant plant with sweet flowers. It has a compact structure but shoots up quite a lot during the flowering period due to its genes (Reina Madre by Delicatessen Seeds). Its Kalija genes allow it to form heavy buds without increasing the amount of flowers, so its pistils are thicker and more resinous. It adopts a shiny shade thanks to the layer of resin that covers it. You'll get harvests of up to 400g per plant outdoors. The best yields, though, will be achieved indoors, with an average of 500g per m2 with 12 plants.

Finally, we have Guayaka (Chem Dog x Afghani x Chem91), an original American clone crossed with our Kalijah male, carrier of CBD. The result is a compact plant with a thick stalk, resistant to diseases. It doesn't shoot up much during the flowering period, it has few branches indoors and adopts a bushy shape outdoors, with purple, blue, red and green shades at the end of the flowering stage. Easy to trim, it yields average productions (350g per specimen outdoors) and displays very compact and resinous buds. Its aromas are somewhere in between roasted wooden touches, citric and strawberry. Besides, it features an impressive bouquet of dense and delicious flavours. The effect is energizing and inspiring. Very recommendable.

Reggae Seeds is bank that will give a lot to talk about when users come to try the stability and quality of their genetics. They carry out a good work and put love into it, and you can tell it. Try their regular seeds at the best prices and discover these incredible strains by yourself.