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Reggae Seeds

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Reggae Seeds

Reggae Seeds - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reggae Seeds was created in 2006. This Spanish bank has been committed to create the best products with a large selection of strains which are both strong and productive. Their seeds are based on mixes and fusions that have been selected for their particular properties such as landrace strains, which offer the guarantee and stability of big seed banks. All plants by Reggae Seeds have something in common: they are all very suitable for indoor growing (short and branchy plants) but they can also be grown outdoors. They have focused their research on the search for and creation of incredible strains. The fundamentals of their strains is that they all contain high levels of CBD with many recreational and medicinal uses. Their work with feminized genotypes has given them quite a headstart. Indeed, this implies rigorous and intense work involving test crossbreeding and exclusive strain selections.

Blackdance is another way of seeing cannabis, since this particular polyhybrid offers excellent results in any kind of growing media without having to worry about caring for it much at all. Blackdance gives naturally large yields thanks to its indica genes. It finishes its cycle in only 60 days, yielding up to 450g/m2 with 10 plants. It is a perfect mix, the quality/price ratio cannot be beaten and besides, it is extremely easy to grow. Outdoors, we strongly recommend it as well. Despite its typical sativa structure, its taste and aroma are closer to the purest of commercial indicas. Its long side branches reach the same height as the central calyx and become even fatter than the latter, producing a characteristic chandelier shape. It yields up to 500g per specimen in the right growing conditions, which can be harvested by mid-October at the latest.

Juanita La Lagrimosa is a very stable hybrid, mainly sativa, which produces buds thick as golf balls with a shortened bloom thanks to its afghan ancestry. By crossbreeding a Diesel with an Afghan-Hawaiian, a strain with indica buds, full with resin, was born. The resin comes out looking like tears, and that's where its name comes from. Indoors, you will have to wait 70 days to get it ready for cutting, yielding up to 350g with some 9 plants per m2. Outdoors, thanks to its sativa predominance, it will lead to monstrous specimens with few but huge saw-shaped leaves. It will be ready at the beginning if October, yielding up to 400g per plant properly formed and taken care of. Its short bloom makes it ideal for users who seek sativa qualities in relatively short times. Thanks to these short periods, fungi and bacteria problems are reduced to half of what's common with usual sativas, for which rotting problems tend to occur during the humid and colder months.

Finally, there is O'Haze Red: a sativa with an exotic taste and nice yields. In 2013, Reggae Seeds crossbred a well-known Dancehall24 with a very resinous and short Jack The Ripper clone. This hybrid became shorter, looking like a bush with a marked Haze scent. Indoors, its THC levels make it ideal for experienced smokers since it can knock you down in a few drags. It has an unmatchable yield. With an amazingly short flowering period for an 80% sativa strain (65 days), it yields up to 350g with 8 plants per m2. Outdoors, the smell it releases is very incensed, kind of like inside a church thanks to its Jack Herer ancestry. Amounts of 400g per specimen should be ready to harvest by mid-October. Its Haze flavor is very marked in all fenotypes of this strain.