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Delicious Seeds Regular

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Delicious Seeds Regular

 Delicious Seeds Regular Collection

Regular Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds is a seed bank with a large spectrum of varieties and many years of experience in creating delicious flavors. Breeders have focused on improving flavors and aromas; growing their strains is a great pleasure. Their seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors and there's an incredible range of strains for all tastes. Let's take a look at some of the strains in their catalog.

Sugar Black Rose Regular Seeds

Sugar Black Rose in regular format emerged as a consequence of the huge success the feminized version of the strain got, mainly due to its excellent flavor. In order to feed the growing demand existing after several consecutive awards, breeders put themselves to work and came up with this fantastic seed. Indoors, it leads to plants that will produce very strong branches with aromatic buds and yield about 400 g/m2 of dried flowers. It is possible to set up to 9 pots (7l) under each lamp. Outdoors, plants will become beautiful and average-sized specimens, which can reach 2m tall. They produce huge colas filled with resinous buds of up to 900g of dried weight.

Caramelo Regular Seeds

Caramelo is one of the best known strains by Delicious Seeds, thanks to the unique sweet taste from which the strain got its name. It grows strong and compact indoors, and its resinous buds crowd together in the central colas. When it is cold, buds might adopt bluish colors. It is a very vigorous strain that reacts very well to pruning, and it's ideal for a SCROG system since it will grow many branches to intertwine in the net. This technique will give you balanced crops with fantastic buds and yields up to 450g/m2 in the hands of an experienced grower. Outdoors, it also gives amazing results, yielding up to 500g per plant in favorable climates.

Marmalate Regular Seeds

Marmalate is one of the most productive strains in the catalog of regular seeds of the brand. This cross of Critical Mass with Lavender leads to very regular plants, with large colas filled with buds. Its delicious flowers release intoxicating scents. It can yield impressive quantities both indoors (500g/m2) and outdoors (600g per plant) if taken care of by an expert grower.

Delicious Seeds' strains will reward your efforts with a precious and sweet final product. You will enjoy the best buds you can get by growing marijuana yourself, which is an additional pleasure to top up the delightful effects of these plants.