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The Devil's Harvest

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The Devils Harvest
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The Devil's Harvest

The Devil's Harvest Feminized Seeds

The Devil's Harvest is a seedbank that has made an aggressive entry into the world of cannabis, winning cups and prizes right off the bat. Created by two experienced growers looking to produce the best marijuana strains; they have virtually reached their goal by now. They have specialized in crossbreeding old-school classics with current hybrids, very commercial and productive, achieving great results with all their seeds. Their feminized strains give us the opportunity of getting fantastic yields of resinous buds without having to worry about males or hermies. We are going to review some of the best feminized strains by this bank.

Strawberry Sour Diesel is a real pleasure to grow and smoke. It gets its name from its pleasant flavor of wild strawberries that'll stick around for a while. Some specimens display reddish colors in their leaves. You can grow it indoors, in 4 pots of 11l and achieve amazing results. You will get abundant harvests of compact and resinous buds of up to 350g/m2 with the required care. Outdoors, they can grow long tails of buds. Outdoors, they will form long aromatic tails that we recommend training since the weight of the huge buds might break them. If the climate is not good in your region, you can grow them inside a greenhouse, where they will behave perfectly. You can get to harvest up to 750g per plant in favorable climates and in greenhouses with the right professional care.

Casey Jones is one their most famous strains and has been awarded several prizes since it was created. It produces huge central colas with numerous lateral branches that increase yield. Plants all look the same and result in very stable specimens, much easier to take care of and their flowers will always be of excellent quality. Ideal for taking the leap and become a professional grower, they will make this task easier since they all will grow the same under the lamps and you'll collect your abundant harvest of resinous buds of 450g/m2. Outdoors, plants could yield up to 900g per specimen.

Kuchi is a very productive, compact and easy to grow strain. It grows very well both indoors and outdoors. You can place from 4 to 9 plants per lamp and get excellent results. It can produce up to 350g/m2 in the best grow rooms. Outdoors, this strain is ideal for guerrilla crops since their compact size will keep them clear of nosy neighbours. You can get enormous harvests from this strain; 500g per plant with favorable weather conditions.

As we already mentioned, growing The Devil's Harvest seeds is a guaranteed success. You will enjoy some of the best buds you've ever grown. Even the most experienced growers will be amazed by the genetic progress carried out by these Dutch guys in the marijuana growing world. Get your seeds now and at a great price at GrowBarato.