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Auto Melon Gum

Auto Melon Gum

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Auto King Kong

Auto King Kong

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Dr. Undergound Auto

Autoflowering Dr. Underground Autoflowering Seeds

Dr. Underground is a seed bank that offers very special strains. They have all been selected for their combination of great yields, flavor and high resin content. All of their strains are delicious and easily capable of producing large yields with amazing effects. These strains are now available in an autoflowering format. You won't have to wait for ages for your plants to be ready to harvest; now it is possible harvest after just 2 months, both indoors and outdoors.

Melon Gum autoflowering version

You'll be able to enjoy Auto Melon Gum just 9-10 weeks after sprouting, so you can easily harvest various times a season outdoors or harvest every 2 months if you are growing indoors. This strain is very easy to grow; it doesn't require much care nor does it need any sort of special treatment. The leaves it grows are wide and large in order to absorb maximum light and accelerate the whole process while increasing final yield. Around days 25 to 28 you'll see the first flowers on your plant begin to grow and from that point it will be flowering non-stop. Buds will keep on growing until approximately day 65 when it will be ready for harvesting indoors - you will need to wait 10 additional days if you are growing outdoors. You can get yields of 30-50g per plant in any growing media; the more you expose them to sunlight the bigger they will grow. This strain has a sweet and muddy flavor, and while its effect is relaxing, it's not too heavy. You can enjoy this weed with your friends or before bed after a hard day.

Large yields after just 90 days

Auto King Kong is an ideal strain for large yields, particularly outdoors. Besides, it's very easy to camouflage it among other plants. This plant produces most of its flowers on the central stem, although it grows quite tall and sometimes it is difficult to grow indoors. Growing tall and thin, it can be easily disguised among other plants. When growing indoors, if you place 9 plants in 7L pots, you can get 400g just 70 days after germination; record-times for commercial growers. Outdoors, it'll take a couple of extra weeks to complete its cycle. When the plants are around 3 months old, it should be sporting around 100g of cannabis. Its taste is muddy and incense-like with a slight lemon touch, very similar to the original Haze. Its effect is a very pleasant relaxing feeling that intensifies quickly and can be long-lasting.

Dr. Underground, High THC Autoflowering Strains

If you're looking for autoflowering plants and give particular importance to taste and quality, Dr. Underground has the ideal strain for you. Choose the one that fits your growing needs the best, the one that offers you the effect you are after or the one with an intriguing flavor. Each seed has a detailed description including the characteristics and cultivation techniques of each one, so you can make the most of your purchase. Besides, we have permanent discounts for all Autoflowering seeds by Dr. Underground, so that you can acquire the best strains at unbeatable prices.