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Philosopher Seeds Auto

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Philosopher Seeds Auto

Philosopher Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Philosopher Seeds Autoflowering Strains

Philosopher Seeds was created in 2008 with the only purpose of offering a selection of the best marijuana seeds they could find, crossbreed and stabilize since the mid-90's.

Seeds obtained from the best breeders

Philosopher Seeds was created by growers who decided to join forces in order to offer their best strains and share them with others. The underlying idea was to launch new cannabis strains frequently and renew their seed catalogue by improving existing strains. Following this idea, they tried to enrich their catalog with new collections they had developed. Since 2013, their new strains were put into a new line called Golo Line, created by breeders of Reggae Seeds by combining renowned varieties of their own catalogue with other non commercialized strains. They also included some strains from Philosopher Seeds' classic line.

Some of Philosophers Seeds Best Autoflowering Strains

Cheesy Auto is the result of combining an Exodus Cheese brought from the United Kingdom with a Lowrider that was robust and resinous. Together they created an aromatic bomb with a delicious sugary taste.

Indoors, it behaves like a seasonal plant and it's one of the safest plants to grow indoors; they are very easy to handle and provide amazing results under the right conditions. You can get up to 500g with 7 plants per m2. Its quick flowering period makes it perfect for impatient growers who are looking for high yields in short periods of time.

Outdoors, it looks just like a Lowryder look but with the odor and the sticky and dense trichomes of a Cheese. Thanks to its Exodus genes, it is very resistant to high temperatures, since it comes from areas where humidity levels can reach 80%. However, it doesn't react very well to excess heat, which can hinder its growth considerably. If all goes well, after 60 days you'll be able to collect your buds full of sweet and fruity fragrances.

Perfected aromas and flavors

The smell and the taste of Cheesy Auto are certainly its best characteristics. Philosopher Seeds managed to keep its blue-cheese smell intact, adding a hint of wildberries that make it very appealing.

The second strain we want to highlight is Fraggle Skunk Auto. This has incredibly stable and balanced genes, the result of a very careful selection of Skunks. Philosopher Seeds have managed to obtain the perfect genotype that will make you want to plant it every year thanks to how easy it is to grow.

Indoors, it grows like an autoflowering strain trapped inside a feminized one. It grown tall and slender, something unusual for a plant with Afghan genes. It produces good buds full of fresh aromas that will bring us back to the 90's, where Skunk was one of the most smoked strains. You can get up to 400g of this excellent Fraggle Skunk with 9 plants per m2.

Outdoors, it produces nice plants. However, they will require sufficient light and heat in order to develop properly. Its indica appearance makes them quite robust but it will still bloom as if it were a sativa. Calyxes close perfectly and will be ripe for cutting after 65 days since sowing. It possess a dense foliage we'll have to remove perfectly before drying it, since the leaves will make the weed adopt a spicier and less intense flavor.

It tastes like a pure Skunk, with lemon and wooden touches, very tasty to smoke and a light experience in terms of effect. Any grower with or without experience will love this fantastic autoflowering strain that will surely grant you the results you expected.

Highly psychoactive indica and sativa seeds

White Yoda is one of the main reasons that keeps us working at GrowBarato. We love this strain which is one the best known varieties of Philosophers Seeds thanks to its excellent crops and the colossal reception it has everywhere, no matter how you grow it (indoors, outdoors, guerrilla style or in greenhouse).

It's one of the most adaptable strains to indoors growing since, just like any other autoflowering strain, it does love the heat. If we spoil it with a 20/4 cycle since the very beginning it will offer us hard and compact buds with acrid and penetrating smells. It is very fast and it will be ready for cutting in just 50 days after sprouting, yielding up to 500 g/m2.

Outdoors, it behaves wonderfully. It is a real monster, developing branches all over and its dark green color will prevail if we provide it with the right growing conditions. You can plant it in soil or in big pots (11l to 25l). By doing this, your plants will give your the best buds you've ever seen in an automatic strain.

Its exquisite fragrance is just surpassed by its amazing flavor, sweet but with muddy reminiscences. A true delicacy for cannabis lovers. Its effects are noticeable after only 2 or 3 puffs, relaxing your mind and your body, transporting you to a state of general well-being.

Philosopher Seeds Strain Catalogue

Apart from the former collections, Philosopher also has its Test Line. As most of our followers know, it is a line of non-commercialized strains consisting of crossbreds done by their breeders and brought to the consumers in order to get their opinion.