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Heavyweight Seeds

Heavyweght Seeds feminized seeds for growers

Heavyweight Seeds is a Spanish seedbank which, besides selecting strains in order to stabilize their genetic makeup as much as possible, aims at increasing productivity of their strains. Here, you'll find a large collection of feminized seeds of all genotypes, from the most narcotic indicas to the most exhilarating and stimulant sativas. They also have many hybrids that accentuate the characteristics of both parental sides. Above all, their strains are highly productive.

You can find true monsters such as BudZilla, a crossbreed of G13 and Skunk that produces plants that grow like indicas and flower like sativas. It'll begin to grow robust and compact like an indica, but when it starts to flower it will reveal its most sativa side. This doesn't mean it'll take forever to flower - it takes just 8 weeks - but the plants do grow tall and open with thin flowers. Indoors you can grow large yields, reaching easily 500g of weed that provides a very energizing high and a relaxing come-down.

GoldMine is a strain with a very striking appearance. Their buds are hard as stone and once you open your grinder up it'll be like the amount you put in has multiplied. It's an ideal strain for beginners as it barely needs taking care of to give good yields. Its taste is very sweet, similar to berries. Its relaxing effect makes it perfect for medicinal use. Outdoors, a seasonal plant can grow up to 3m tall and yield up to 1.5kg.

Champion's Cheese is a strain for lovers of strong aromas and tastes. A Hindu Kush, crossbred with a Skunk, resulted in this bush-like plant, short and large, ideal for indoor growing. You can grow long dense buds full of resin with relaxing and very medicinal effects. You can get 500-800g per seasonal plant outdoors. Indoors, it should be easy to get 450g per 600W light.

Dream Machine is another high yielder with medicinal relaxing effects. Instead of having a typically strong flavor, it was made with those that don't smoke day to day in mind; its sweet taste and exotic notes will make it your favorite plant. Outdoors, it's perfect for short summers and will be ready to harvest at the end of September. Indoors, 9 weeks are enough for it to finish flowering, producing plants with buds even on the lowest branches.

If what you like are highly productive plants as well as amazing quality, Heavyweight Seeds is your bank. Get your seeds at the best price and enjoy our permanent discounts.