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Deep Neville Regular

Deep Neville Regular

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Medical Seeds Regular

Medical Seeds Regular

Medical Seeds is a very famous Spanish seed bank, which has acquired notoriety thanks to strains as powerful as Y Griega, as fast as Channel+ or as sedating as Prozack. They come back to their roots, launching regular seeds to satisfy those growers who want to plant classic strains, without genetic modifications. Regular seeds lead to plants which are more powerful and less prone to suffer stress as feminized ones.

They have launched a new strain that will satisfy any smoker with its flavor and strength. After just a few months after its release it has already won several cups, all in the extractions category. It produces plants with thin and hard buds, very resinous. Although buds might not become too big, weight is considerable thanks to their density and amount of resin.

Deep Neville is the result of a crossbred of Neville's Haze from the 90's with an elite clone of Deep Chunk done by a private breeder who lent his genetics to Medical Seeds. It leads to plants that adapt very well to any climate, both indoors and outdoors, and which will get us very high productions of an awakening and cheerful weed.

Its taste is sweet and similar to lemon. Also, it's somehow incensed like its mother Neville's Haze. It mixes perfectly with the muddy flavor of its other parental side, Chunk. A perfect mix for the smoker who loves classic strains.

This strain has quite a strong psychoactive effect so it is not advisable for users who don't smoke often or at least they should smoke it little by little. When used for medicinal purposes it is ideal for those patients who have to undergo radiotherapy, since it will help them to get their appetite back after such a hard treatment.

If you are looking for new strains in regular format, don't forget to try Medical Seeds' collection. Besides, you will find the lowest prices of all seeds in our catalogue. Whichever pack you choose it will come with an attractive discount. Take advantage of our prices and get your seeds from Medical Seeds Regular at an amazing price.