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BioHazard Seeds

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Jawar cannabis plant
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BioHazard Seeds

BioHazard Seeds Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Stable & Productive Strains | BioHazard Seeds

BioHazard Seeds, now presenting their feminized seed catalogue where you can find the perfect strain for you, whether you’re an expert or a newbie. In order to make their seeds, BioHazard uses some of the most innovating techniques in order to offer perfectly genetically stable plants that have much less of a probability of suffering intense stress or hermaphroditism.

BioHazard Seeds Indoor and Outdoor grows

BioHazard selects and hybridizes typical strains in order to increase their best qualities, making your grow even more efficient. When growing indoors, this bank offers small, robust plants that have high yields. If you plant outdoors, you’ll have plants that easily soak in the sunlight, increasing yield and flower quality. So, wherever it is that you want to grow, whether you’re an expert of a newbie, BioHazard seeds have a strain for you.

Indoor seeds: Big Lights

Big Lights is a blend between Big Bud’s large yield, with long colas and Northern Lights’ relaxing effects. This strain is mainly indica, highly medicinal due to its narcotic effect. This plant produces short, compact plants that are perfect for producing high yields indoors, and outdoors you’ll get discreet and camouflaged plants. It has a sweet, smooth and citric flavor; if you decide to use it medicinally, the effect isn’t too strong, and it’s pretty easy to smoke.

Outdoor strains: Criminal Jack

Criminal Jack is one of their top strains, made from the famous Critical+ and an uplifting Jack Herer. These plants look and taste like Jack Herer, but they have the fast flowering of a Critical+. They’ll grow long and open-structured, growing buds on long colas and a beautiful incensed-smell, which is the same as its taste – this is one of the reasons everyone loves this plant, and you’ll need to wait just 55 days compared to the original three flowering weeks.

Outdoor strains: Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali is a hybrid made from Criminal jack and Kali Mist – you’ll be able to get Kali’s amazing yield in extremely short flowering times. Kali Mist is a strain that grows absolutely monstrous plants with long colas of bud, but it takes forever to flower and is incredibly hard to grow indoors – now you can harvest these amazing, long, incensed, flavorful buds in just 9 weeks after beginning the flowering period. This strain’s great for cloning.

Indoor strains: Somanta

If you love fun, clear highs, then Somanta is the strain for you. Your mouth will be invaded by an amazingly intense fruity flavor, and its euphoric effect will have you laughing uncontrollably in no time. This strain is BioHazard’s prize winner, having won 9 cannabis cups in Spain. It produces dense and heavy buds, full of Critical+ resin and an amazing Somango Soma Seeds flavor. This strain is perfect for recreational use, especially with some friends.

Find the perfect seed for you at BioHazard seeds, and at an astonishing price thanks to the permanent discounts we have on all seeds! Read detailed descriptions of each seed from our team of experts here at GrowBarato.