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Biohazard Seeds Auto

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Auto 4:20

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Biohazard Seeds Auto

Biohazard Seeds Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Biohazard Seeds

BioHazard seeds is a seed bank that uses the latest technology and information to maintain the genetic makeup and stability of all their strains. Since the 90's their geneticists have been working hard to bring us a wide range of flavors and effects, with plants that are easy to grow, as well as affordable prices for their customers. Their top quality is that they select strains that always grow big, since their seeds tend to take 3 months to develop completely unlike most autoflowering types which usually take 2.

Experience developing cannabis seeds

Their seeds are selected one by one, manually, to bring you the best quality and in order to always make a great impression. In their autoflowering catalogue you will find productive strains of great genetic stability and maximum quality. You'll find strains such as Auto Chingon, a strain capable of large yields, particularly when grown outdoors. This plant grows tall and strong, and takes about 4 weeks to grow before it starts to bloom, which means it will always grow tall even if you're not great at taking care of autoflowering plants. Their taste is distinctly sweet and it has a very pleasant relaxing effect, ideal for relaxing after stressful work days.

Biohazard Seeds' best Autoflowering Strains

They have strains such as Auto Chingón, an autoflowering strain that produces enormous amounts of flowers, especially outdoors. These plants grow strong and tall, taking around 4 weeks to grow before they start flowering. This basically makes sure that your plants grow to a decent size, even if you're not an autoflowering expert. It tastes sweet and has a delicious, relaxing effect that's perfect for taking a break and relaxing at home.

Auto Power is another big plant. Though you won't see any flowers before the 3rd week, it will give you a heavy yield thanks to a long flowering period. Usually, autoflowering plants take 4 weeks to flower. Auto Power takes up to 65 days but it will make up for it with really heavy buds. It produces long colas of bud on all of its branches, making it an ideal plant for indoor growing with just 4 plants per m2 and 20 hrs of light. Outdoors, due to receiving much more light, they will become quite hefty, making Auto Power ideal to be grown in your garden during the hotter months of the year.

Auto Kratos is a strain that comes from the renowned Deimos. It is an autoflowering strain that takes 3 months and practically grows into a tree. These plants have a long growing period, circa 1 month, which makes them quite large before they even start to display their first flowers. It blooms quickly and in about 6 weeks your harvest will be ready for cutting. It makes for the ideal recreational weed, that kind of high that leaves you with a permanent smile. Its effect isn't sleep inducing at all and along with its sweet and delicious flavor, you won't be able to get enough of this weed.

Medicinally beneficial strains

Auto 4:20 is a strain for those who are after relaxing and narcotic effects. This strain combines the structure and density of Deimos with the medicinal and indica effect of Mazar. This strain tastes sweet and smells like the best hash, leaving an acid aftertaste in your mouth after every drag. When grown indoors, make sure its flowerpot isn't too big as you don't want it reaching your grow lights; it is ideally grown outdoors.

Auto Somachigun combines the strength of both Critical and Ak47, two of the biggest strains available. Prepare yourself for large yields of dense and resinous buds. They'll be ready to harvest in 3 months, rewarding you with a mentally stimulating high ideal for smoking during the day without being impaired. It has a sweet taste.

Guaranteed quality

So, if you're looking for a decent sized autoflowering plant, with distinct effects and precise characteristics, BioHazard Seeds Auto is one of the seed banks you ought to check out. You'll find all their strains in our catalogue with permanent offers. Get the best seeds at the best prices.