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Snoop Dogg Vaporizers

Snoop Dogg Vaporizers

Snoop Dogg is a brand of portable marijuana vaporizers created by Greco Science with the collaboration of the rapper Snoop Dogg. Their vaporizers are made of the best materials to guarantee a long duration of the battery and a high temperature to vaporize weed properly and get a satiating smoke. 

There are several models available in the collection: some of them only vaporize while another model work as an electronic pipe rather than a vaporizer. Vaporizers heat marijuana enough so that resin evaporates and we can inhalate it as if it were smoke. The key is that marijuana must be hot enough without burning. But, the truth is the model with a resistance usually causes vegetal matter to burn and though vapor becomes more satiating, it is not as clean since it includes rests of the combustion.

The model Snoop Dogg G Pen is the e-pipe/vaporizer we are talking about. It consists of a long duration battery like the ones of e-cigarettes and a part that includes the mouthpiece, the bowl and the resistance. By pulling on the mouthpiece we will find inside the bowl with a resistance where crushed weed has to be introduced. There is room for a good amount so we'll have a nice smoke experience. Then, the start button has to be pressed 5 times in order to free it and then, all that's left to do is smoke the cannabinoids of our marijuana. We press the button a couple of seconds before inhaling and then we can breath in. When you are done with your puff, release the button and repeat for the next one. Keep on stirring your marijuana with a little stick in the bowl while you are using, so the bottom part doesn't burn out while the top part stays green.

The DGK Model is the one that's been in the market for longer. It is a vaporizer with a very well done camouflage design. It is ideal for those who only want vapor since it doesn't cause combustion and yet, it's quite satisfying. Remember marijuana portable vaporizers don't usually produce much vapor and sometimes we cannot even notice it in our mouths. However, with the DGK  at least we will get to see the vapor when we take a puff. We will enjoy the taste of our weed much more, particularly because it will be 3 times more intense than the flavor of any joint made with the same weed. You can vaporize at 3 different temperatures and it's easy to change from one to another by simply holding the button pressed for 5 seconds. It comes in a transport case with a card grinder, spare grid filters for the mouthpiece and a cleaning brush.

Snoop Dogg G Pro Brush is a model very similar to the DGK / Weda Vaporizer Mouthpiece but it comes with the pack Bush. This is how the last album by Snoop Dogg is called and within the box you get a code to free download the album. Vaporize your weed at 3 different temperatures while you listen to the tracklist. Besides, there is a cleaning brush, rubber mouthpieces in order not to burn your lips, a pot to sow your Bush seeds  and a plastic plate to crush your buds. The G Pro Black Scale is a vaporizer with a different outer look and has a faux-leather handle. Black Scale is an American clothes and gear brand that brings their designs to the model Grenco. This is able to vaporize up to 0.5g of marijuana anywhere by choosing among 3 different values of temperature. Design varies among these models and also the accessories included in the pack. In some cases, we find the small tray to crush the buds and with the word ILLEGAL, a card grinder, rubber mouthpieces, spare grids for the mouthpiece and a cleaning brush.

The Snoop Dogg G Pro is the first one that was given its name by the rapper. It is one of the nicest in the outside and displays a flashy design with marijuana plants in blue and white. It comes with a Snoop Dogg tray for crushing the buds, two long rubber mouthpieces and 3 short ones, a card grinder by Grenco and a cleaning brush. It is very similar to the former ones, with 3 levels of temperature and a bowl with room for more than 0.5g.

Find your vaporizer among our selection at an unbeatable price since all our Snoop Dogg vaporizers are on offer. Choose the model you like best and take it home for much less than you expected. We provide our opinion about every item in the product description so you are aware of pros and cons before you make your choice.