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Pure Power Plant Regular

Pure Power Plant Regular

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Master Kush Regular solder

Master Kush Regular

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Nirvana Regular

High Quality Dutch Cannabis Seeds

Nirvana is a Dutch seed bank that has been commercializing and improving their own marijuana strains for more than 20 years. They were one of the first banks and today they are still in the Top 10 at a worldwide level. Now, you can enjoy their collection of regular seeds from which you'll get females and males to make your own seeds. You can also cross them with other strains, creating our own selection or get the best specimens for smoking since regular seeds provide the best weed.

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Regular Pure Power Plant

One of the best strains for growing outdoors or in humid indoor rooms is Pure Power Plant. Resistant to fungi and high humidity, it will work great even when grown by inexperienced growers. Indeed, Pure Power Plant is so easy to grow that one doesn't need to be an expert in order to get an abundant harvest: a soil rich in nutrients and a basic liquid fertilizer leads to very productive plants. When grown indoors, plants will feature tight internodes and can be grown without a SCRoG system or by toppings. Under grow lights, it will be ready for harvest in 70 days from the change of photoperiod, while outdoors it should be ready by mid-October. We will have an invigorating and energizing marijuana, laugh-inducing and ideal for having a good time in the right company. It is used as an antidepressant since it makes the user feel like doing stuff and it is not an introspective weed. Your mind won't stop and you'll have fleeting and kind of crazy ideas. It has an incensed and muddy taste, very pleasant for old-school smokers.

Master Kush regular

Master Kush is another ideal option for outdoor crops, though it works well indoors, too. The most remarkable feature of this strain is it can yield very heavy weights even with a short size, so a seasonal plant can easily yield 1kg, provided climate is favorable. When grown in a humid climate it is also unlikely to rot and it resists fungi. However, it won't yield up to its maximum potential in such as setting. Indoors, the best you can do is an apical prune, since branches tend to produce a lot. If we tutor it with a SCRoG net we'll foster fattening even more, achieving the maximum production per m2. It takes 55-60 days to flower from the photoperiod change and can produce up to 550g per m2. Outdoors, it will be ready by mid-September with an approximate production of 800g per plant. It tastes like muddy and sweet hash at the same time. It has an awakening and smiley effect with a relaxing come-down. Before you notice, you'll have fallen asleep with a smile on your face.

If you want regular seeds of top quality, Nirvana Seeds is one of the banks to keep in mind. Make your own selections of mother plants, create your own seeds or grow the regular and most powerful version of your favorite strain. Take advantage of our permanent offers and buy them at the best price.