• Boquillas de plástico desechables para Shisha

    Disposable Plastic Mouthpieces for Hookahs

    Disposable plastic mouthpieces for your hookah, for when you share your hose with other smokers. That way, your smoke sessions will be more hygienic.

  • Carbon Aladin Golden tubo de 10 pastillas

    Coal Tablets for Hookahs

    You can now get packs of 10 coal tablets for your hookah. Keep on smoking without worrying that you’re going to run out of coal!

  • Rejilla shisha-cachimba

    Hookah Bowl Screen

    Convenient metal screen that’s placed on top of the ceramic bowl, perfect to make a base for a charcoal disk.

  • Perforador para Shisha

    Hookah tinfoil perforator

    With this perfect puncher for the tinfoil on your hookah you’ll be able to make even, perfect holes in under a second. No more having to make the holes yourself and ruin breaking the tinfoil.

  • Tabaco para Shisha varios sabores

    Aladin Golden Shisha Tobacco for Hookah

    Flavoured Tobacco for your Hookah, so that you can enjoy your favorite flavours like apple or chocolate.

  • Manguera para Shisha

    Hookah Hose

    PVC flexible hookah replacement hose, universal attachment, 1m long.

  • Tabaco para shisha Soéx

    Soéx Shisha Tobacco for Hookahs

    Soéx Shisha Tobacco for Hookahs is a top-quality product that provides a better smoking experience. 

  • Cazoleta Con Deposito para Dos Sabores

    Split Hookah Bowl for Two Flavours

    Split Bowl to mix two flavours in your hookah.

  • Cazoleta para Shisha o Cachimba

    Bowl for Hookahs

    Spare Bowl for your Hookah, so that it keeps working as the first day.

  • Carbón para shishas máxima duración

    Long Lasting Hookah Charcoal

    Charcoal Briquettes by Tom Cococha for hookahs. Extremely slow burning, doesn’t smoke or affect the smell or taste.

  • Cazoleta Doble para Shisha Hookah

    Double Headed Bowl for Hookah

    Double Headed Bowl for Hookah so you can use two flavours, mixing them inside the hookah, obtaining more tasty combinations.

  • Cazoleta para tabaco en gel

    Cazoleta para tabaco en gel

    Bowls for tobacco gel with which you can smoke different flavored tobacco gels without worrying about it falling down into the hookah.

  • Cazoleta para tabaco en gel diseño

    Bowls for Tobacco

    Bowls for tobacco gel with spectacular designs with which you can consume your shisha gel tobacco without it falling into your shisha.

  • Soplete pequeño para Vaponic

    Small Torch for Vaponic

    Small torch lighter for vaping with your vaponic without needing to heat it up with a traditional lighter.

  • Adaptador Shisha doble manguera

    Double hose hookah adaptor

    Two hose adaptor for hookahs that allows you to turn your normal hookah into a sharing piece, made out of nice material and professionally finished.

  • Cazoleta Shisha de silicona

    Silicone Hookah Bowl

    With this silicone bowl, resistant to high temperatures, you can replace your broken ceramic bowl. It’s compatible with most hookahs on the market.

  • Shisha Cachimba Princess 25cm

    Mini Hookah

    Small Hookah (22.5cm) for smoking flavored tobacco, a very eye-catching model that will also look good on your shelf when not being used.

  • Shisha de cuatro mangueras

    Double-Hosed Hookah

    This hookah has two hoses and mouthpieces so that you can enjoy it in the company of someone else. It can be used with shisha tobacco on its own or mixed with weed.

  • Glass Bong with 4 tubes WP-006

    Glass Bong with 4 tubes WP-006

    Glass Bong with 4 hoses, so that 4 people can smoke from a single bowl. It can be used with the 18mm BHO Conversion Kit.

  • Shisha The Stripes 51cm 1 boquilla

    Large Hookah

    The large Hookah is about 63cm tall, has a beautiful design and is perfect to smoke flavoured tobacco or your favorite weed.

  • Shisha Deluxe Smiff'n Wesson

    Deluxe Smith & Wesson Hookah

    Deluxe Smith & Wesson Hookah, available in gold or black, ideal when the game gets serious and it's time to taste the best stuff with your friends.

  • Shisha The Diamond Ball 72cm 2 mangueras

    Deluxe M16 Hookah

    Deluxe M16 Hookah, painted in very garish black and gold color s. No doubt, the most gangsta hookah in our catalogue. When assembled, it’s 94cm tall.

  • Deluxe Thomson Machinegun Hookah

    Deluxe Thomson Machinegun Hookah

    With this hookah you can smoke flavored herbs and weed. This particular model is designed after a Thomson submachinegun, and is made out of top quality materials.

  • Shisha Deluxe AK47

    Deluxe AK47 Hookah

    Deluxe AK47 Hookah, full of details, with its gold and black color s it has a "serious" touch that will make your friends understand that it’s not time to play, but to smoke!

  • Tabaco para shisha en gel

    Hookah Gel Tobacco

    Hookah tobacco gel available in different flavors, opening up a whole new world for flavored tobacco smokers; these gels are long lasting and the taste is so good that you’ll never want to try another one.

    7,95 €
  • Shisha Double Princess de 47cm
    out of stock

    Medium Hookah

    The mid-sized Hookah is 25cm tall, has a beautiful design and 1 hose. It comes with all the necessary accessories for its use and cleaning.

    25,00 €

Find your favorite model of shisha or hookah among the selection of our catalogue. There are unique handcrafted models so that you can smoke your marijuana or shisha tobacco in the best possible way. All shishas in our website come with everything necessary such as bowls, hoses, brushes to clean them and clamps to pick up the charcoal. Big ones, smaller ones, with several hoses or individual will find all you need in our catalogue.

There are shishas for daily and personal use, in a smaller and more discreet size that we can take anywhere. The 25 cm one is ideal for those who like to smoke flavoured tobacco on a daily basis. Indeed, a bigger one could easily become cumbersome and it is also much more difficult to clean.

Bigger models can also be used daily or on a particular occasion. The 47 cm and the 51 cm ones are different models in the outside, but serve the same purpose. These shishas are mainly used at home since their size won't be very convenient for carrying them around. It is also a nice decorative object.

The biggest model is the 72 cm Shisha, a water-pipe with 2 hoses from which two people can smoke at the same time. It is too big to be used everyday since its cleaning can be a true nightmare! They are usually used at parties, tea houses or employed as decorative objects or gifts.

You can find tobacco of different flavours to smoke in your shisha. In order to smoke it, it is necessary to put charcoal on the top end, which you can also purchase in this section. Charcoal is lit up with blowtorch and when breathing in, it turns red-hot and lights up the tobacco. Ignited charcoal tends to last a lot so it won't be necessary to light it up constantly.

The cutting-edge items in the world of shishas and hookahs are the double bowls pipes for two flavours. There are spare bowls for just one flavour, too. There is also a model exactly like the one for a single flavor use, but with a separating wall in the middle of the bowl to separate two flavours. The most requested one is the shisha with a double bowl: a shisha whose bowl includes two independent compartments from where we can smoke two different products.

So, if you are looking for a shisha, water-pipe or any spare part such as a bowl, you can find it in our catalogue at the best possible price. All articles come with a detailed description describing size and what is included to avoid unpleasant surprises at home.