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Nirvana Seeds Auto

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Nirvana Seeds Auto

Nirvana Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Nirvana Seeds

The founder of Nirvana Seeds bank started selling seeds in a small seed shop in Amsterdam, way back in 1995. He had the idea of collecting his own seeds to create his own bank and then share them with other growers. After more than 20 years travelling and looking for the best seeds of the most amazing varieties all over the world, he managed to gather a nice selection of great genetic makeups for himself. By crossbreeding them he was able to create improved strains from original natural treasures.

Strains straight from the heart of Amsterdam

During all these years he experienced and created hybrids with the best characteristics in order to adapt them for all growing levels, stabilizing them as much as possible & making new strains from landrace ones.

The name of the bank makes reference to the state of love and blessing from which he has created his strains during all these years and the love he's put in all his travels towards new accomplishments.

Finally, he joined forces with other people and created a bank to satisfy the needs of the most selective smokers of the cannabis community. They have quite a solid reputation in Amsterdam from where they can reach every corner of the world thanks to international connections.

The forefront of seed technology

They didn't rush into the production of autoflowering seeds - the breeders were patient and spent years experimenting with these strains before they were released on the market. They didn't seem to see automatic strains as a 100% viable option, therefore they decided to do some research and develop the best specimens before commercializing them - and that's exactly what they did.

They have developed breathtaking strains capable of satifying even the most demanding of smokers and amazing everybody with a range of feminized autoflowering strains with great strength, flavor, easy to grow and affordable for pretty much anyone.

Nirvana Seeds' Best Autoflowering Strains

They have developed autoflowering strains worthy of the best and biggest seed banks. This is the case of Lemon Og Haze Auto, with a lemony flavor and a delicious aroma that will make your mouth water. Bubblelicious Auto is an explosion of sweetness and Swiss Cheese Auto is one of their fan-favorites. Its taste will remind you of cured cheese, with a strong scent but a certain sugary hint to it. It is very easy to grow but its super strong scent is very hard to hide, which means you'll have to be extremely cautious as not to have problems with the neighbors or the law.

Nirvana Strains - Potent Aromas and Effects

This strong fragrance is clearly mirrored in its taste, similar to Swiss cheese. It produces buds hard as stone. It is a safe bet and highly recommended for all outdoor growers. With a powerful mental effect -and slightly corporal-, you'll be totally intoxicated.

We have all formats and strains of Nirvana seeds at unbeatable prices.