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  Grass-o-Matic autoflowering seeds

Grass-o-Matic | Specialists in Autoflowering Seeds

Grass-o-matic is the first ever seed bank that started creating autoflowering cannabis plants, which were considered quite a luxury when they first came onto the market.

Ruderalis strains were practically unheard of back then, but now almost every grower in the world has planted or is planting autoflowering plants. There always seems to be a constant race to get autoflowering plants to be just as efficient and effective as seasonal plants. If you decide to grow grass-o-matic seeds you’ll see that there really doesn’t need to be that much of a difference between the two when it’s done right.

60 day autoflowering strains

Autoflowering plants are cannabis plants that, regardless of the season, will have fully matured within 60-80 days total, allowing growers to get quick harvests all year round. Here in Spain we’re in the right spot for autoflowering plants thanks to the heat and the sun, and we can practically grow all year round too.

After years and years of breeding and choosing phenotypes to crossbreed again, they managed to create a wide range of autoflowering plants of all kinds, sizes and flavors, as well as indica and sativa.

Important Grass-o-Matic Autoflowering Strains

Auto Sugar Gom is quite a large plant that can grow up to a meter and a half tall, which is quite unusual for an autoflowering plant. When this strain came on the market, large autoflowering plants simply weren’t a thing, and skeptical growers were astonished at how big it could grow. It can yield up to 110g outdoors when grown correctly. It has quite a sweet flavor, one of the sweetest autoflowering plants. It grows well indoors and outdoors all year long in warm climates.

Just because these plants are autoflowering, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the flowers they yield are going to be any less decent than those of a seasonal plant. There are slight flavor variations, but they still have intense and characteristic flavors as well as many varied effects, structures and behaviors.

Autoflowering plants are particular in that they don’t like large amounts of water during the first few days, and we recommend watering just enough to keep them alive as overwatering can cause them to dwarf easily.

Auto Mass - Large yields in record times

Auto Mass by Grass-o-Matic is a strain that takes just 65 days to fully mature after germination. It can be planted both indoors and outdoors, although it performs best indoors where it can get the exact parameters it needs. Indoors it yields short plants with plenty of flowers along the central stem, so it’s perfect for a SCRoG system. After 60-65 days it should be ready, yielding up to 500g per square meter when done right.

Outdoors it can grow a bit larger and taller and it does quite well with fungi infestations. It has a caramel like flavor which is quite intense; you won’t even realize you’re smoking an autoflowering bud!

Grass-o-Matic has a strict selection process for their strains and seeds in order to bring their customers the best possible experience. All of their strains were chosen from large selections of phenotypes in order to find the most balanced, well-rounded version for their customers.

Affordable autoflowering cannabis seeds with amazing results

Consult each strain’s aspects and qualities in the description written by our team here at to find out which weed is perfect for you.. Find the perfect strain for you!