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Venus Genetics

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Hielo cannabis plant
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Venus Genetics

Venus Genetics - Feminized Seeds Collection

Venus Genetics is a seed bank that works with 100% feminized seeds, bringing us strains of the highest quality at very affordable prices for growers. We can plants capable of large yields such as Hielo, sativas like Kalifragimistic or other with a high medicinal value thanks to CBD values above average, like White Widow. We will find strains for all growers, from beginners to the most sybarites.

Double Cheese is one of the tastiest strains by this bank and if what you like are the delicacies for the palate, it could become one of your favorite strains. It comes from an elite Dutch clone of Pot of Gold, a plant with a high amount of resin and with strong flavor and smell. When smoked it we will find a dense smoke that fills the lungs and is very satiating for the regular smoker. It comes with a strong and relaxing effect, ideal for the last hours of the day. As a plant it grows up tall and slender indoors. It is easy to fit 9 plants in a m2 and can yield up to 450g in 55-60 days of bloom. Outdoors, we will see a larger and more productive plant which won't shoot up that much and become wide and tall. It is very easy to grow, it doesn't demand great doses of fertilizer and is quite resistant to mold.

If you prefer fruity flavors, Cheesekaberry will take you to other levels of sweetness. This strains stands out thanks to its flavour, strength and high production, particularly when we grow it indoors. It produces a long central tail that is almost 50% of the plant so we'll have to put quite a few of them in order to get a good production. It will be ready for cutting in 65-70 days of bloom and it can reach a production of 400 g per m2 effortlessly. Outdoors, you will find a big plant, of a rather indica appearance, with strong trunk and branches, wide leaves and heavy and dense buds. If we attach the branches so that they don't have to support the whole weight on their own, we will get an increase in production which will be ready for harvest by mid-October.