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Ak 48
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Ice Feminizada
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Papaya Feminizada
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PPP Feminizada
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Nirvana Seed Bank - Feminized Seeds

Nirvana is a Dutch seed bank that has been providing us with the best and most awarded varieties of Cannabis for more than 20 years. From the legendary White Widow to the newest strains with high CBD levels. Nirvana seeds are top quality and are thoroughly controlled to ensure proper germination and development of our plants. All crossbreds are the result of personal research looking for varieties all over the world, which makes this seed bank unique. If you want to develop your own strains, with identity and strong and powerful plants here you have one of the most appreciated Dutch banks.

In your catalogue you will find strains classic strains such as White Widow, selected in the early 90s and which remains No. 1 in sales worldwide. It is a powerful and producing variety, very lucrative for the commercial grower. In just 65 days of flowering indoors you'll have your crop ready for cutting, yielding up to 500 g / m2 with a 600W bulb. Outdoors, providing it is grown in good weather and with the right parameters, you'll have plants like you've never in the open air before. The plants are very resinous and it looks like a white layer covers them. You'll have to beware of high humidity: by applying a preventive natural anti fungal you'll make sure our crop is of the highest quality.

If you like fruity and sweet varieties, Bubblelicious is what you are looking for. You will get thick and hard buds, very resinous and full of berries and candy aromas. This strain blooms very fast and since plants are short and compact,it is an ideal strain for indoors growing. With 9 plants per m2 you will cover the growing surface and will be able to get up to 500g of this delicacy in about 70 days from the photoperiod change. Outdoor, plants adopt a fir tree shape, with tails that covering roughly 60% of each branch with buds. You will get a good and heavy production, but you'll have to help plants with tutors so that branches don't break under the weight. Early October, plants will be ready for harvest, and you'll easily collect about 650-700g per plant at the end of the season.

If you want a discreet variety, Blue Mystic can be the right one for you. It is a plant that grows short and compact. When it starts to bloom, buds are dyed with a bluish color, where the name of the variety comes from. The very light scent it releases is one of the major features which helps it to go unnoticed. Indeed, this strain hardly releases any smell while growing. Indoors, plants will grow long thin buds, without contributing with much weight but producing a good amount of flowers. Outdoors it is where you'll see the best plants of this strain, particularly if you grow in hot climates. You can expect to collect 500g per plant approximately by mid-September.

When you choose Nirvana feminized seeds, you know you are using the best varieties of Cannabis in the world. The result of years and years of study and research is now available for us to grow great strains. You'll also get the best prices by purchasing your Nirvana seeds here, since we enjoy permanent offers and discounts at