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NPK Industries

NPK industries organic fertilizers for weed

NPK Industries creates completely organic fertilizers and additives that you can give your cannabis plants. They contain incredibly efficient macro-nutrients used to keep your plants clean and healthy.

Give your plants a natural, organic treatment with products that do not leave any residues inside their roots of buds – Mighty Wash allows you to wash your plants that have been infected with insects, removing the eggs and feces. This allows you to get rid of insect infestations almost the exact day that you discover them. You can also use it to treat pathogens such as fungi infestations, keeping your beautiful plants as healthy as possible.

With Mighty Wash, not only will you be able to remove insect infestations from your plants, it will also stimulate light rain for indoor plants, which imitates their natural environment which helps them to stay much healthier and stronger.

When it rains, your plants automatically increase the thickness of their trunks and branches so that, even if they get wet, the rain won’t weigh them down too much, allowing them to continue to produce flowers.

When it’s time to harvest, sometimes your plants can end up with soil, dirt and nutrients still trapped in them. With Mighty Wash you can clean all of that stuff away, increasing flavor and quality. It’s used to get rid of dust and any other contaminating material.

If your plants’ leaves get dirty during the growing process they may become unable to breath, which can put a halt on any kind of growth. You can use PM Wash in order to clean the surface and bottom of your plants’ leaves with just a few sprays here and there. Keep your plants healthy in even the worst of environments.

All of their products are 100% natural and do not negatively affect plants’ health. They also do not alter flavor – simply let your plant dry out properly before harvesting.