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Magic mushroom kits

Magic Mushrooms All-in-one Kits and Supplies

Magic Mushroom kits are now available so that you can study them and grow your own super easy magic mushrooms – specifically Psilocybe Cubensis. These kits consist of a container (Tupperware) which has rye substrate in it (sort of like a loaf of bread) that’s been injected with fungi mycelium, as well as other accessories needed to grow magic mushrooms.

All of our kits are delivered in the same format; follow the following steps in order to get the best results. Make sure that the environment in which you’re growing is as clean as possible as well as all of the items used in the process – these kits are extremely easy to contaminate.

The first thing you’ll need to do is fill the Tupperware container will water and close it in order to hydrate the substrate. You can use mineral water or tap water. Leave it like that for at least 24h. After 24h, open up one of the corners and pour out the water. Open the included bag and place the container inside without the lid. It’ll need to stay at around 18-25ºC for the shrooms to thrive, but make sure to keep it away from heaters and the like. If needed, place it in a room where there’s a heater, but never put it on top of one. It’ll need natural light or blue fluorescent lights – if you use fluorescent lights it’ll need a 12/12h light cycle.

You’ll need to open up the bag to air it out at least three times a day – mycelium is alive and it needs oxygen to thrive too. After approximately 7 days you’ll start seeing the first few shrooms. They’ll take 7-10 total days to fully sprout, so after about 15 days you’ll have your hands on your first shroom harvest.

You need to pick the shrooms before they fully open up and let their spores out, as they’ll contaminate the rest of the contents and you won’t be able to harvest again from that kit. Pick the ones that are big enough and leave the smaller ones until they’re big enough. If you pick them at the right time and avoid the spores coming out, the substrate will keep producing mushrooms. To remove the shrooms, pinch them at the bottom and turn while pulling upwards – if you cut them you might contaminate them.

Once you’ve harvested the shrooms, scrape a couple of millimeters off the top of the substrate and remove any leftover shrooms. Fill it with water again for another 24h and repeat the process. Each kit usually yields around 3-4 rounds of shrooms.

We don’t need to remind you that these mushrooms are for scientific and microscopic studies only; ingesting them can cause unwanted effects.