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Pro XL

Pro XL

Pro XL is an insecticide and fungicide company that makes products that both prevent and fight insect and fungi infestations. You can get rid of some of the most persistent infestation with their products. They have something for every situation; they have a specific product for insects like red spider mites, and a stronger one for persistent thrips or resistant spider mites, as well as products used to fight off fungi and bacteria.

Kill is used to fight off red spider mites, putting a break on their reproductive system as well as protecting your plants for two weeks from adult insects and 45 days from eggs and larvae. Just one container is enough to cover 50 square meters. It’s perfect if you’ve tried other products and the nasty pests managed to become immune, which can happen in indoor settings. It also contains a stabilizing ingredient that keeps your plants healthy and green.

Kill 5 is used against much tougher insects. Red spider mites really can be complicated to get rid of, and Kill 5 is an intense treatment that will definitely get rid of them. It’s also useful for all types of thrips, which sometimes seem impossible to get rid of. You’ll be able to protect your plants for 2 weeks from adult insects and 4 weeks from larvae and smaller insects. With just one container you can spray 5L, which is enough to cover 50 square meters. It also contains small amounts of fertilizer which help your plant to recover from the stress of the infestation, making for healthier and stronger plants.

Bacteria and fungi can sometimes be quite a pain to get rid of, especially because sometimes you may even have an infection in your plants and not know. You’ll need to know how to recognize the signs on your plants, such as stains or weird colorings or shapes on their leaves, which may look like some sort of nutrient deficiency. AntiBac can be used to prevent bacterial infections on your plants. All you have to do is spray them from the 6th week after germination onwards, once a week until 20 days before harvesting. The amount you’ll need to use depends on if you’re growing cannabis indoors or outdoors.

AntiMil is a fungicide that’s used to keep fungi such as mildew off of your plants. You’ll be able to reinforce your plants from the inside out, so that no fungi can manage to attach their spores. You’ll need to use it every 7 days for maximum efficiency in order to stop a fungi infestation. As a preventive measure you’ll need to use it every 2 weeks.

If you want to fight insect infestations in the most efficient way possible without accidentally creating insects that are immune to your products, give Pro XL a try. Make the most of our permanent discounts and get your insecticides at the best price on the market! Each product has its own description where we explain how to use it, the needed dose and what insect/fungi it can be used to fight.