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Misc Insecticides and Fungicides

Miscellaneous insecticides and pesticides

Insecticides, fungicides and bio pest control – find that perfect product needed to protect your plants by preventing pests or getting rid of them completely. We stock both chemical and natural products, allowing you to get rid of insects and fungi in your preferred method without damaging your plants.

Adhesive Insect Traps are one of the most efficient and used products when it comes to getting rid of insects; they’re super cheap and also super effective. All you need to do is hang them among your plants (far enough away so that neither you nor your plants get stuck) and any flying insect that sees it will land on it and promptly become stuck. This can be super useful when getting rid of indoor infestations such as thrips or white flies. We have yellow strips which attract flying insects, and blue strips that attract thrips.

We also stock products such as Enviro Clean, which is a super-strong cleaner for your grow room. It’s used to get rid of any insect traces after you’ve finished growing – if you don’t clean your growing area after every grow issues you had previously may come back the next time around or even two years down the road. This is due to larvae that hide in cracks or leftover legs. If you use Enviro Clean you can get rid of parasites, fungi and bacteria easily, preventing future infestations and sterilizing the area.

Sulfur burners are also used quite a lot to prevent insect and fungi infestations. They can be used to get rid of infestations such as red spider mites as well as fungi such as oidium and botrytis. They’re easy to use and are used quite regularly in organic growing. All you have to do is turn it on for a couple of hours one night a week, using incredibly small amounts of sulfur to cover large areas. Sulfur changes the pH of any surface it comes in contact with, which stops fungi and insects from growing properly. Due to the fact that it’s a vapor, it’ll reach every inch of your plants; it’s much easier than simply spraying.

Bermectine is one of the most used products when it comes to fighting red spider mites. It contains abamectin, a chemical that destroys mites within days. You’ll need to use it following the spider mites’ reproduction process, which happens every week at a certain temperature. You’ll need to make a detailed calculation depending on the temperature in your grow room in order to figure out when to use it. This is generally done right before they lay their brand new eggs.

BioFume is a type of smoke bomb made with garlic that allows you to effortlessly fumigate your grow room. You can easily get rid of white flies and red spider mites by simply turning these smoke bombs on for around 2-3 hours – no pesticides needed. Keep in mind that your plants will need to be fully hydrated before using, and you’ll need to close the entire room up so no smoke gets out or else it won’t work.

SuperKukulus is a product used to make your plants much stronger and capable of dealing with strong insect infestations such as spider mites. It helps your plants to grow thicker cell walls, which stops any insects from actually biting at your plants. Outdoors this product can be used to solve many issues, as it’ll deter insects from your plants, causing them to go to another plant. This product comes in practical containers as well as highly concentrated bottles so that you can mix your own.

Domark Evo is quite an effective fungicide when it comes to getting rid of oidium fungi. It can also be used as a preventive method, although we have seen it get rid of fungi completely. It’s sprayed on your plants and increases their strength and capacity to fight off insects.

We also have less aggressive treatments such as Clean Light Hobby Unit, a light that’s capable of stopping fungi and bacteria from growing more. All you have to do is pass the light around 10cm from your plant on every surface – this light can get rid of pathogens easily, just make sure to use it daily if you’re going to use it.

If you’re looking for a potent and efficient insecticide for your plants, whether it’s chemical or bio, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. Each product has quite a detailed description so that you know what infestations they’re for and how to use them. Make the most of our permanent discounts and protect your plants now!