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Greendel insecticides and fungicides

Greendel insecticides and fungicides

Greendel is a brand that specializes in getting rid of insects and fungi that can sometimes be a nuisance when growing cannabis. You can use their products to prevent as well as treat fungal infestations such as mildew, and annoying insect infestations such as white flies and red spider mites indoors.

Greendel Acaricide allows you to fight mites such as red spider mites; outdoors they’re not that disastrous, however when growing indoors they can absolutely take over your plants. They reproduce incredibly fast under the right temperature, around 25°C, churning out a new generation of mites every 7 days. This product is made using abamectine, an ingredient that’s incredibly helpful when it comes to eliminating red spider mites. You’ll need to use it correctly or else you may accidentally cause immune spider mites. If you have a look at the product description you’ll find a detail explanation on how to use this product correctly and get rid of spider mites.

Greendel’s Pyrethrin Insecticide is a natural insecticide that can be used to protect your plants from white flies, aphids and thrips. It’s applied via spraying and it starts to work as soon as it comes into contact with insects, getting rid of them in no time. You’ll need to use it every few days, and at most 20 days before harvesting so that the flowers don’t end up tasting different. You’ll only need 0.75-1.5ml/L which is capable of covering quite a few plants. Just one bottle is enough for 20-40L of water.

You can also protect your plants from dangerous fungi such as mildew, keeping them far, far away from your plants at the end of the flowering period. One of their most effective products is called Tebuconazol, a chemical that can only be used on healthy, strong adult plants. If you want to use it as a preventive product, use minimal doses every 20 days. If you’ve already found a fungal infestation in your plants, you’ll need to use it once a week. Make sure not to use it three weeks before harvesting – this may cause the fungi to reappear during the last week although it’ll be too late for it to affect the actual quality of the plant. If you’re worried about this intense product and having to mix it safely, you can always try out our mildew spray fungicide which is ready to use.

We also stock two powdered fungicides. Algreen-95 can be used to spray or water your plants, protecting them from fungi from the inside out. Our most natural product is the Greendel Cobre Fungicide that allows you to fight some of the strongest fungi in a fully natural manner. It’s sprayed on your plants and can be used to treat a wide variety of fungi, many of which affect cannabis plants.

Their aphid and caterpillar insecticide can get rid of these incredibly annoying pests, which can pop up on cannabis plants at pretty much any time. However, sometimes they appear in the hundreds and it can be an absolute nightmare to get rid of them. This product contains micro-encapsulated Chlorpyrifos, which is an insecticide that acts as soon as it comes in contact with the insect. You’ll be able to get rid of these pesky insects with just a few sprays.

If you’re having issues with cochineals and white flies, you can use Clorporifós 48, which begins acting as soon as it comes into contact with your plants as well as via digestion. You’ll need to try and absolutely soak your plant from top to bottom to make sure that all insects are covered. It’s pretty easy to get rid of these insects when used right. Do not use this product more than once a week, and once you’ve gotten rid of the insects you’ll need to reduce doses to once every three weeks.

Some insect infestations aren’t very common but when they pop up they can definitely cause some issues. One of the most annoying ones is the snail; they don’t usually go after cannabis but when they do they can multiply in no time. You can use Greendels anti-snail product to get rid of snails and slugs; place some around your plants when it rains, which is when snails and slugs tend to feed. If possible, try and avoid using this product unless it’s absolutely necessary, as it’s capable of changing the properties of the surrounding ecosystem.

If you’ve been trying to get rid of pesky pests with no luck, give Greendel’s wide range of insecticides and fungicides a go. All of their insecticides have their own description so that you can read how much is needed and how it’s applied, as well as each products’ safety period. Keep your plants safe!