Flower Insecticide

Flower Insecticide

Flower Insecticide

Flower is a brand that specializes in chemical products used to get rid of insect infestations; their products are potent and effective at getting rid of some of the most persistent pests such as thrips or red spider mites. Their products are chemical in nature, so incredibly small doses are needed and you’ll need to respect the safety period. They’re much more effective than natural insecticides.

One of their most effective products is their Abamectine-based acaricide. This is incredibly effective at getting rid of spider mites, which is one of the most intense pests that you can get indoors due to high humidity and heat conditions. You can use this product to prevent spider mites from getting into your grow in the first place, as well as use it to get rid of an infestation that has been there for a while. You’ll need to spray once a week depending on how warm your grow room is; check out the product description for the exact dose.

You’ll need to wait 15 days between sprays and stop using it 20 days before harvesting.

They also have an anti-cochineal product which works wonders and gets rid of cochineals within days. These insects attach to your plants’ trunk and can be hard to kill; they tend to appear in the hundreds. This insecticide acts by creating a film around the outside of the insect and suffocates them. It also works against white flies.

Plant lice, or aphids, are another common insect infestation and can pretty much destroy your plants in no time if you don’t catch them early enough. These nasty beasts multiply in no time at all and they eat your plants’ sap and slowly destroy them. Their feces also attract other insects such as white flies. They can easily be gotten rid of using Flower’s anti-aphid product, which is capable of getting rid of every single one of the 3500 aphid species, 500 of which affect cannabis plants.

Sofrex Sulfur allows you to prevent and get rid of fungi on your cannabis plants. It’s quite common for issues with fungi to arise towards the end of the flowering period such as oidium or botrytis, so it’s well worth your time to take some preventive measures. Sulfur is a natural insecticide that’s used quite habitually in agriculture nowadays.

If you’re looking for a specific insecticide for a specific product, you’ll definitely find what you need in our Flower insecticide and pesticide catalogue. Each product has a complete, detailed description that tells you what insects the product can be used for, how to use it and how to be safe with it.