Mammoth grow tents

Mammoth grow tents

Mammoth grow tents

Mammoth grow tents are robust cabinets with a reasonable quality/price ratio. Both the fabric and the structure are strong to prevent light escapes. Their high inside reflectance helps you make the most of your lighting equipment. They are available in several models and prices which increase with quality. The most economical ones are the ones of the range Mammoth Classic that, though inexpensive, are still some of the best grow tents on the market. They consist of thick and strong canvas mounted on a strong aluminium structure and feature a reflective inside material. Light hitting the walls will bounce and be redirected towards the plants, while the thickness of the fabric will prevent any waste of light. A tent model for those who are looking for good quality at a reasonable price.

Mammoth Pro is the model by the brand that presents the best finishes. Also with a strong and thick fabric, its reflective inside lining reflects up to 95% of the light and will redirect all light from the wall back to the plants. With this model allows to achieve much higher lateral yields than any other grow tent of inferior ranges. It also features two lateral windows, in addition to a door, to facilitate the access to plants during cultivation. Its high quality aluminium bars are light but can, nonetheless, support high weights (enough, for instance, to bear all our equipment such as the refrigerated reflector or an an odor filter). In short, a top quality grow tent for those growers who are after the best possible product.

Then, we have Mammoth Elite and Mammoth L, which are real grow rooms. With finishes as good as Mammoth Pro's, both in terms of fabric and reflectance, these models are available in big sizes that go from 240cmx120cmx2m to 3mx6mx2,4m. They let you create a genuine grow room inside any room, totally insulated from the outside. Growing this way will make it very difficult for a thermal camera to detect your garden. Besides, it will be much safer in terms of light or odor escapes since before reaching the outside they will come out towards the room where the problem can be detected and solved.

Mammoth Dryer is an ideal grow tent for drying our harvest. Its walls allow the inside to breath, so humidity does not get stuck inside. These tents let you put a drying net inside and host a small ventilation system with filter, to prevent marijuana from rotting, at least during the first days. In this way, odors will be kept under control much better than when drying it inside a room.

Mammoth Propagator is an ideal tent for keeping cuttings. Wider than taller, it possesses a solid base to host many clones. It is not necessary to have longer heights since in this type of cabinets fluorescent tubes are used. These tubes don't produce heat and can be close to the plants without burning them.

Finally, we have Mammoth Dual, one of our best-selling products, ideal to grow from a mother plant endlessly. It presents two perfectly independent compartments. The first one is intended to keep your mother plants and root cuttings while the second one is used to flower the cuttings. By proceeding this way, you can produce uninterruptedly without having to buy seeds never again. You can also use the two compartments to keep mother plants and take cuttings, and then flowering the cuttings somewhere else (in a different tent or growing substrate). 

In conclusion, Mammoth grow tents are the ones offering the best quality/price in our catalogue. They are somehow more expensive than the rest but its superior quality makes the price well worth it!