VGT Grow Tent

VGT Grow Tent

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Grow Tent

Grow Tent

GT Grow Tents stand out due to their high quality and affordable prices. These cabinets are robust and every detail has been taken into account. With a strong aluminum structure, these tents can support the weight of your equipment comfortably. If you look carefully you can see that even the corner pieces are strong and made out of quality materials.

A canvas that will act as the walls of the tent is mounted on this structure. It is a strong and thick fabric, that guarantees that no light can get inside the tent and affect your plants. Besides, its silver and reflective inside can easily reflect the light from your grow lamps, redirecting it towards your plants. There is a pocket in one of the walls where you can easily keep measuring instruments such as a pH-meter or a thermohygrometer.

The tent has several tube outlets to host the extraction and ventilation system, and there is even a window intended for passive air supply systems. If you choose not to use any of the tube outlets, there are Velcro squares that you can use to cover the holes and ensure that the tent itself is air-tight and that no unwanted light can get in.

This tent is available in many sizes, from the smallest (80 x 80 x 160cm) to the largest one, which is as big as an entire room (3.00x3.00x2.15m). They are all made with the same care and quality as to never let our customers down. As always, we have tutorial videos at your disposal showing the assembling process so that you don't encounter any  issues when it comes to putting your grow tent together.

We sell several sizes of the same model in our catalogue. They all look the same and are made out of the same materials. If you are looking for an efficient tent without having to pay extra just to have a fancy brand name, Grow Tent might be a good choice.