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Genuine Merchandising: tshirts, bags, caps...

In our merchandise section you can find products such as t-shirts, bags and caps from at unbeatable prices. Genuine, flashy and attractive designs that will make everybody envy you at the beach, swimming pool or when walking or practicing any sport.

You will find t-shirts with exclusive designs, the very same we use everyday at So, if you liked them on us when you came to visit the shop, you can get yours now, too. There are several models available: for boys and girls, in short-sleeves or sleeveless, in different colors... Just add it to your shopping cart and get your original GrowBarato t-shirt.

We also sell short shorts for our beloved female clientele; get ready for the beach this summer with some amazing short shorts that fit perfectly and are perfect for a day at the beach!

Our unisex caps have also become very popular. It might be their neon colors or fishnet design, the truth is they have become a most-wanted item. Available in different colors. They come only in one size but can be adjusted.

At we all love spending a day at the beach with our mates and this is why we sell lots of beach products. You can find beach bags and backpacks in different colors and with our logo. Very affordable and cool (they are all neon and flashy), they will become a loyal companion to your beach days. However, our best-selling product is the beach sunshade.

Some of our best-selling products are the aluminium grinders with pollinators and for good reason, they are of very good quality and half the price of similar products. Besides, you can choose among several colors, so you can get one you really like. If you prefer them without a pollinator (the part where the resin falls down into), you can always get a plastic one which is lighter and does the job (although it won't save your resin!).

If you want to be one of us, you can buy GrowBarato clothing items and accessories right here right now.