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Delta THC

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Organik is a fertilizer brand designed for growing cannabis organically. They have quite a simple nutrient chart that you can use in order to give your plants a professional and balanced diet. Their products are incredibly easy to use, and they are all organic; they can be used outdoors in soil without running the risk of contamination. Organik has a wide range of products that cover the full nutrient range that your plants need. They even have their own Neem and fungicide products – with Organik you’ll have everything you need to naturally increase the yield from your cannabis plants.

With Estimulador de Raíces Root Stimulator you’ll be able to give your plants a solid base from which to grow strong, thick leaves that can absorb much more water and nutrients than usual. It’s the best way to start your cannabis crop.

After just a few growing days you can start using growth fertilizers. Crecimiento Grow has a high nitrogen content, allowing your plants to grow fast, green and strong.

Once your plants begin to flower, you’ll need to spray them with Delta THC, a product that’s used to increase the amount of resin that your plants’ produce considerably. You should use it around 10 days before your plants begin to flower – this is the same day that you flip the lights indoors, and outdoors it’s when the season changes. You’ll need to keep using it once every 10 days.

With their flowering stimulants you can cause more, larger buds to begin growing. You can use their flowering base alongside PK Plus in order to fatten those buds up to enormous sizes. These products really do increase yield quite a lot.

Once your plant has produced those brand new flowers and there are buds from top to bottom all over your plants, fatten them up with PK Plus.

They also have various packs and kits on offer so that you can get an affordable combination of products.