Cannabiogen Autoflowering Seeds

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Auto CBG cannabis plant

Auto CBG

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Cannabiogen Autoflowering Seeds

Cannabiogen Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds of the Cannabiogen bank. These are the first autoflowering strains this bank has started to introduce and commercialize as part of their catalogue and they're a great means of obtaining quick and quality harvests. Autoflowering seeds enable a discreet cultivation in balconies and terraces or quick indoor crops since they complete the whole cycle of growing and blooming in barely 2 months after sprouting.

Another advantage they have with regard to seasonal seeds is they aren't affected by light pollution so if there is any type of light heating into your balcony that's preventing you from growing marijuana, autoflowering strains might be your salvation! In the past autoflowering seeds used to result in small plants that were good for nothing, but little by little they have covered a long way and a whole new market has developed around this type of varieties. Nowadays, autoflowering plants have improved in both quality and size.

Thanks to seed banks such as Cannabiogen we get plants very similar to the seasonal ones in all aspects but which don't correspond to any particular photoperiod and that start to grow or bloom when they reach a certain size or age (ie. after a certain number of days). Quality has been obtained thanks to crossbreeds of high quality plants with other specimens which didn't depend on the photoperiod and by selecting the different characteristics the geneticists were after.

Auto CBG is an autoflowering strain of Cannabiogen which hides inside one of the most sought-after genetic makeups of the bank. Destroyer is one of their best sold strains due to a combination of factors: it's highly productive, it has an euphoriant and awakening effect and it is easy to grow. Its sativa predominance increases the brainy effect to unsuspected levels, producing an intense high that might be even a bit too much for a beginner smoker.

As all autoflowering plants, they like hot weather and sunlight. These plants are ideal to be grown outdoors during the warmer months, from spring to fall. We should plant it where the sun hits it the most, in order to get the highest plant and the heaviest production. Another factor that plays a major role in the growth is the amount of water we employ for irrigating. At the beginning it's very important not to flood the soil in excess so that the roots can push freely. We can help them to do this by employing a rooting product instead if a fertilizer during the first days, since at this precise moment what counts most is to develop a healthy radicular system.

If we grow this seed indoors success is guaranteed: we can expose it to 20 hrs of light during the whole cycle and grow true marijuana monsters! Indeed, it is possible to get up to 120 g per plant in just 65 days. However, we have to be careful when it comes to choose the number of plants per spot. Autoflowering strains grow big and if we put too many units per m2 they risk to clash in between and become too tall. This eventually leads to light not reaching the lower parts that remain in the shadow and the plant only blooming at the points. On the other hand, if we set 4 plants and light can reach everywhere, the plants will develop fully and the buds will have a great dry weight. 

If you are looking top quality autoflowering seeds, CBG of Cannabiogen is one of the strains that won't leave you indifferent. Your mates will ask you what's that weed you gave them to smoke and will remain incredulous when you tell them is an auto strain. It is actually hard to believe when you get a plant really similar to Destroyer in just 65 days after sprouting.