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Cannabis Healthcare

Paramedical - cannabis alternative medicine

If you want to treat yourself with cannabis-based alternative medicines, there are several products you can use in your daily routine.

We sell hemp shampoos for a strong and healthy hair, gels with numerous skin benefits: regeneration, moisturizing... and even soaps for intimate hygiene that let you take full advantage of the antiseptic properties of cannabis. Here you will find facial and body creams to take care of your skin. They give the most exposed and visible part of skin the hydration and elasticity it needs as well as support its regeneration.

In this section you can find sublingual sprays with high concentrations of Cannabidiol (CBD) for a quick effect since they contain important proportions of this legal and most celebrated cannabinoid in terms of medicinal power. Along with sprays, you will find oils -to use as drops- and pure CBD paste, so that different alternatives are available to dose them properly according to the desired effect.

Here, you will also find relaxing hemp teas. Their effects are similar to those of valerian. Hemp tea is totally natural but slightly stronger than the latter. These teas not only allow you to relax, but also reinforce the immune system from the inside. Containing numerous amino acids and vitamins, they will prevent you from contracting potential diseases. If you don't like the taste of teas you can also take cannabis directly as capsules and enjoy very similar results.

There are also creams with high levels of CBD intended to treat joint pain or bruises very effectively. The concentration of balms varies so you can choose the most suitable one depending on pain intensity. There are also several balms with many properties. For instance, you can find balms for sensitive skin and even sunscreens.

All our products have been properly analyzed and are made out of industrial hemp, 100% legal and free of THC (<0.2%). Little by little, new progresses are being made and this type of medicine is coming back to help lots of people in a totally natural way.