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World of Seeds Auto

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World of Seeds Auto

World of Seeds Auto - Autoflowering Seeds

World of Seeds Autoflowering Strains

World of Seeds is a seed bank that travels all over the world in search for the best indigenous seeds. Very special strains from every corner of the planet are now available for us to enjoy at home. You'll find seeds of all kinds: from Sativa or Indica types, to all kinds of hybrids. Strong and sweet flavors and anything exotic in between. This seed bank offers a selection of the most sought-after genetics, able to satisfy the curiosity and palate of the most demanding smokers.

3 month autoflowering seeds

Now, they also have autoflowering strains so that you don't have to wait for a whole season in order to enjoy your favorite flowers. After 2-3 months at any time of the year you'll be able to get yields unheard in automatic strains. You'll also have the opportunity of growing autoflowering seeds all year round thanks to their high resistance. This bank has several seed banks such as Regular Collection, Autoflowering Collection, Pure Origin Collection, Legend Collection, Medical Collection, Special Collection.

World of Seeds Main Autoflowering Cannabis Strain

In their Autoflowering Collection you'll find a type of seeds that have been crossed with Rudelaris. This has resulted in them flowering automatically after three weeks, maturing fully in just 8 weeks. Some of the strains in their catalog are: Wild Thailan Ryder, Northern Light X Big Bud Auto, Afgan Kush Ryder or Neville Haze Auto. They all provide amazing results.

Pakistan Ryder is one of the most coveted autoflowering strains by consumers and fans of the bank due to its enormous flowers. It gives large yields, since it is a plant of Indica ancestry crossbred with a Rudelaris. It has musk notes characteristic of a Hindu Kush along with certain wooden aromas. Its buds are shiny and full of resin. It gives large yields considering its size. Indoors, they won't grow beyond 90cm.

Sugar Mango Ryder is a crossbred of a Brasil Amazonia - from the Brazilian jungle - with a plant of Rudelaris genetics. It has the characteristics and the very pleasant sugary aroma of an Indica. The genetics of the Rudelaris contributes to the autoflowering feature and a short height of less than 1m. The Indica contribution results in a large number of flowers in the branches despite its short size.

Potent medicinal effects

The bank also has the very well known Northern Light X Big Bud Auto. Thanks to its amazing versatility it can be grown both outdoors and indoors. It reaches 1.7m of maximum height depending on the size of the pot: the biggest the pot, the tallest the plant. It yields big and dense buds covered with resin. Their very strong scent with citric touches that remind of a pineapple are very remarkable. At the end of the blooming stage it adopts a very flashy color and it is the strain with the highest medicinal value in the bank.

World of Seeds Strain Catalogue

In our website you can find all varieties of World of Seeds in any of their formats. Purchase your autoflowering seeds from World of Seeds at and enjoy unbeatable prices. As always, you can count on our advise and assessment to guide you through your choosing process.